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The gym of the future? Pure Air Gym

Updated: May 10, 2023

How can gyms and wellness centres find a new competitive edge? How can the gym of the future be successful? Thanks to clean air. We will explain how, in 7 points.

Gyms and wellness centres: today's competitive challenges

Gyms and wellness centres are local businesses: therefore, they face many competitive pressures, both external and internal.

External factors can include competition in the same area and new consumption habits for sport and wellness services, which are much more discerning than in the past.

Internal factors include efficient operations, health and safety management - which has become much more topical since the pandemic, now that people are more careful - and team management.

In addition to the increasingly topical issue of customer retention.

Differentiation therefore becomes essential to attract new customers and keep existing customers loyal, which is particularly important for a business targeting the local area.

How to achieve this - and still respond to other, specific operational issues - with just one investment? Read the title of the next paragraph ;-)

The gym of the future beats the competition with clean air

OK but... how can gyms, sports centres and wellness centres really stand out from the competition, shining in the cosmos of numerous competitors?

There are at least seven good reasons, or benefits, why healthy air can help lay a solid foundation for the gym of the future.

The value for differentiation

To become the club everyone wants to go to, gyms and wellness centres must offer a unique experience for their customers. Choosing to become a U-Earth Pure Air Zone can be a strong differentiation from the competition. Indeed, clean air is an increasingly rare and precious resource and offering clean and safe air to one's community (staff and subscribers) can become a strong point for a sports centre.

The value for retention

Retention, i.e. the ability to keep one's customers loyal, is crucial to the long-term success of a sports centre. Providing a healthy and safe environment for its users can help create a comfortable and welcoming environment, which in turn can increase employee engagement and customer satisfaction. A healthy and safe environment can therefore become a determining factor in customers' decision to renew their membership.

The value for the customer experience

Offering clean and safe air can be considered a 'plus' for customers seeking a complete wellness experience. In addition, U-Earth's Pure Air Zone can become a reference point for people seeking a safe and healthy environment, as a kind of "pharmacy" for breathing. Clean air can thus become a distinctive element of the customer experience within a sports centre.

The value for the team

The working environment has a significant impact on team morale and effectiveness. A healthy and comfortable environment can therefore contribute to a more motivated, happy and contented team, which in turn can offer better service to customers and increase employee commitment.

A study by Accenture showed that young talents, when looking for a job, put the mission, purpose and impact of a company as number 2 on their priority scale.

Therefore, offering clean and safe air can become a tangible sign of the care and attention that the sports centre gives to its team, helping to make employees more loyal and motivated.

The value for performance

Toxic air can have a significant effect on the health and performance of athletes and patrons of a sports centre. Providing clean and safe air can therefore have a positive impact on customers' performance, improving their endurance, lung capacity and mental concentration.

In fact, according to a study conducted directly by the NCAA in 2018, athletes are up to 20 times more exposed to contaminants than people at rest.

Clean and safe air can therefore become a decisive factor when choosing a sports centre for professionals and sports enthusiasts, given that authoritative research has shown that a marathon runner on average takes 12 minutes longer to reach the finish line in highly polluted conditions.

The value for the environment

Choosing to become a Pure Air Zone at U-Earth can also have a positive impact on the environment. In fact, U-Earth uses innovative technology to purify the air, without the use of traditional filters that often end up in landfills. Furthermore, U-Earth adopts a totally natural solution: contaminants are digested and transformed into water, carbon dioxide and, if present, basic elements. No waste residues are therefore released into the environment.

This ecological approach can therefore help to reduce the environmental impact of gyms and wellness centres and create a positive image among environmentally aware customers. The gym of the future cannot ignore its environmental impact.

The value for the community

Choosing to become a U-Earth Pure Air Zone can also have a positive impact on the local community. Indeed, providing a healthy and safe environment can help improve the health and well-being of the people who frequent the sports centre and live nearby. It is a service to the city. Furthermore, choosing a company that uses innovative and zero-impact technology can be seen as a sign of social responsibility and care for the local area.

A real Pure Air Gym: SM3

'Vuoi cambiare aria? Vieni allo Sporting Milano 3'

This is what SM3 club members read on posters and in their inboxes after the centre decided to install Pure Air Zone technology.

Palestra del futuro
Palestra del futuro

Imagine stepping through the doors of the Sporting Milano 3 sports centre, a stone's throw from Milan, and immediately feeling a difference in air quality. Breathing deeply, you do not smell the odour of sweat and humidity that often characterises gyms and sports environments. Instead, the air is fresh, clean and light.

And that's not all. By adopting Pure Air Zone, Sporting Milano 3 also boosted staff morale and customer satisfaction, who appreciated the level of care and attention devoted to their well-being.

But this is not the only strength of the union between Sporting Milano 3 and Pure Air Zone. The sports centre was able to use Pure Air Zone's status as a marketing lever. And the concept you see above has become the fil rouge of a real campaign, not only outdoors (posters and door-to-door), but also indoors in the gym premises

(banners and posters), to educate customers about the importance of clean air.

A different gym, thanks to clean air

The gym of the future is already here. Becoming a 'Pure Air Gym' is a winning move for gyms and wellness centres. You can stand out from the crowd by offering your customers a unique, healthy and safe experience. In addition, choosing innovative and environmentally friendly technologies helps to improve your image and reputation among customers and the local community. And let's not forget the ecological aspect! You can make a concrete contribution to decontaminating the planet, creating a virtuous circle of well-being for your customers, team, environment and community.

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