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The evolution of sustainable events market, between trends and opportunities

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

In recent years, the events market around the world has evolved significantly. While Reset Connect in London is pioneering the sustainability of events in the UK, numerous trends that have emerged at a European level and specific data on the Italian market provide further insights into the evolution of the sector. So, if you want to optimise your event ROI, respecting the planet can help.

Events trends you should know in 2023

Customised experiences

According to research by the Rotterdam Experiment, the future of events in Europe will be characterised by greater ambition and a more targeted focus on specific market niches, with exclusive events aimed at well-defined targets. This implies a more pronounced customisation of the experiences offered, responding to the specific needs of the participants. The use of data collected by event organisers can facilitate the creation of engaging and tailor-made experiences.

Hybrid models

Digitalisation has become a key element in the events sector, both as an alternative to in-person events and as a means to reach a wider audience. Virtual events are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to research by EventMB, 70% of event organisers in Europe said they organised at least one virtual event in 2020. Furthermore, 63% of organisers plan to organise hybrid (virtual and in-person) events in 2021.


Environmental sustainability is another key element that is influencing the events market in Europe. More and more organisers are adopting sustainable policies and practices to reduce the negative impact of events on the environment. According to research by MeetGreen, 99% of event organisers in Europe are considering event sustainability, while 59% have already adopted sustainable policies. Furthermore, 78% of respondents in the Italian market believe that it is possible to significantly reduce the environmental impact of events through careful and conscious planning.

Sustainable Events Pioneers

There are also pioneering events among the sustainability vanguardists.

Reset Connect London - one of the UK's largest events dedicated to the sustainability ecosystem and green investment, and the flagship event of London Climate Action Week - sees thousands of exhibitors and visitors come together to collaborate, spread awareness and take action for the planet.

This is why Reset Connect cannot and will not just be an event that promotes sustainability, but a sustainable event itself. Hence its commitment to reducing environmental impact and creating a healthy environment for participants. In this context, the connection with Pure Air Zone becomes particularly significant. Many areas of the venue will be Pure Air Zone: panellists and visitors will be able to breathe clean air and enjoy the Reset Connect experience at its best.

The synergy between Reset Connect and U-Earth Pure Air Zone demonstrates that a concrete commitment to promoting sustainability and health at events - especially if they take place in crowded, urban settings - can be a new standard of service, raising the bar for the entire industry!

Between safety and innovation

To recap, event safety has become a key priority after the pandemic emergency. Organisers must take measures to ensure the health and safety of participants by creating safe environments and following appropriate health protocols. Not least because the pandemic has raised awareness of the importance of safety on the part of guests as well. Once again, clean air can be of great help.

Technological innovation also plays an increasingly important role in events, enabling immersive and innovative experiences. The use of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality allows for more immersive and engaging experiences for participants. This trend is particularly evident at large events, where technology can create a significant impact on the overall experience.

In conclusion, the evolution of the events market in Italy is influenced by trends found at European level, such as sustainability, targeted ambition, digitisation, security and technological innovation. For event organisers and managers, this is a great opportunity to stand out from the competition. Once again, breathing clean air can help.



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