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Updated: Mar 16, 2022

We’re happy to announce that U-Earth is the Official Partner of the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour, providing “the whole sail” in one tour with the three fundamental disciplines all featuring: Kite Foil, Offshore and Inshore.

Nastro Rosa Tour of Italy is a fundamental collaboration aimed at raising public awareness of how important it is to invest in air decontamination as soon as possible, thanks to concrete initiatives such as a Pure Air Zone.

Here are a few insights about this initiative.

  • Air and wind are two sides of the same essence - what we breathe.

  • Sailing is entangled with nature, the base of our biotechnology.

  • Technology, respect for nature and continuous improvement are values that we share with event organisations.

As Joao Fernandes, Partnership Lead, says:

An event focused on the enhancement of wind and sailing in all its manifestations seemed to us the right opportunity to disseminate our purpose: clean air as a universal right. Among other things, we are pleased to share our stand with Waving Meadow, the new movement for the protection of posidonia, given our upcoming projects and investments on the enhancement of algae.

U-Earth will be present through the sponsorship of two boats, Double Mix Offshore and High Performance, and the team of two young and promising sailors - Michaela Robinson and Syianda Vato - in line with the values ​​of U-Earth, which includes inclusion and talent development. Come on Team U-Earth!

U-Earth, throughout all 8 stages, is providing Pure Air Zones to the Hospitality Village back on land.

It is there that guests will be able to breathe clean air, thanks to a biotech air purification system capable of measuring air quality in real time and reporting any discrepancies if pathological conditions arise, in which case appropriate measures will be taken.

We look at this as a further step in building Pure Air Zones, a global community of companies and organisations from around the world that use U-Earth technology to help decontaminate the air, creating a better, healthier environment for all.

U-Earth will also provide athletes and staff with a special edition of U-Mask.

U-Mask has introduced a new concept, combining style, performance, comfort and socio-environmental impact. Nastro Rosa Tour joins the already long list of sports organisations that have chosen U-Mask: W Series, a variety of Formula 1 teams, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing, SailGP, Urania Basket Milano and Sky Tempesta Racing.

Riccardo Simoneschi, General Prosecutor SSI Sport & events said: "We are particularly happy with this partnership: U-Earth's Pure Air Zone project has a 'concretely ambitious' vision that shares important values ​​with our way of understanding sailing: technology, respect for nature , continuous improvement."

After the Genoa regattas on August 26th, 27th and 28th, Nastro Rosa Tour will move to 7 other cities until arriving - on September 24th - in Venice where the competition will conclude on September 26th.

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