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Pure Air Zone and the Dentists - The story goes on with U-Lamp

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Dentists make us open-mouthed. Literally.

But as fate would have it, this practice, while essential, harbors a hidden peril - the ever-looming specter of cross-contamination. You see, dentists and their patients both tread this fine line of vulnerability with every appointment.

Yet fear not, for our tale takes an intriguing turn. Picture, if you will, the connection woven between the skilled Dr. Curtarello and the ingenious minds behind Pure Air Zone. The story of our collaboration began several years back, and today, it gains a new chapter, rich with promise and innovation.

Who is the protagonist? Meet Dott. Curtarello

Before we tell you what happened in the past few weeks, let us take a step back to discover the story of Dr Curtarello, a renowned dentist and pioneer Pure Air Zone dental studio.

Dr. Stefano Curtarello graduated in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics in Milan in 1991. For several years, he worked as a consultant in other dental practices, in conservative dentistry, endodontics, prosthetics, oral surgery, and implantology, using mini-invasive surgical techniques.

For the last twenty years, he owned the dental clinic that bears his name and is located in Sesto San Giovanni just outside Milan, where the most advanced and innovative techniques in the field of dentistry are used.

Pure Air Zone Dental Studio Curtarello

A pioneer Pure Air Zone Dental Studio

As he told us in this video, shot after his first months with Pure Air Zone.

"My foremost concern has consistently been to safeguard not only the health of our patients but also that of my employees. I discovered the U-Earth Pure Air Zone solution, as well as U-Mask, that share the same biotech and nature-based philosophy: I wanted to try them both right away."

Dr. Curtarello's unwavering faith in our technology has led him to integrate the Pure Air Zone suite into his practice for over 3 years. This choice not only serves to safeguard his patients and staff but also plays an active role in purifying the air from pollutants, showcasing his commitment to both health and environmental well-being.

What's new today? U-Lamp, the next and new part of the story!

Dr. Curtarello decided to go a step further and supplemented his Pure Air Zone with U-Lamp.

It has long been known that UV radiation is capable of destroying pathogens, but the side effects have always been considered serious. This is why UV rays are used a lot - even to sterilise surgical instruments - but not in the presence of people.

The special “filter” with which U-Lamp is equipped traps and shields radiation that damages skin and eyes, allowing only non-damaging wavelengths to pass through, to neutralise viruses and bacteria with no harm to people.

U-Lamp is a latest-generation germicidal lamp, safe for the skin, that safely and directly sanitises air, objects, and surfaces of an environment, even in the presence of people, making spaces safe again.

U-Lamp, which exploits a particular frequency of UV radiation (UVC at 222 nm) and a protective filter, is effective against viruses, bacteria, mould, and other sources of contamination.

What are the advantages of choosing Pure Air Zone for a dentist?

Benefits are many, starting with the health and safety of patients, staff, and the doctor himself. Plus, marketing visibility and measurable impact. Listen to the doctor and see what the he says, in this new video.

Contact us if you have a dental practice, a medical practice, or a practice providing health services and if you want to discover more. We are here for you. Stay safe.

Pure Air Zone Dental Studio



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