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Hyper Health and why you should know about it

Hyper health is a term that you might not have heard before. Considering that there are numerous products on the market that promote a healthy lifestyle, that might come as a surprise. However, the combination of biotech, sustainability and improved performance have opened the door to a new era of health.

Hyper health focuses on premium, sustainable ingredients

What is Hyper Health?

The health industry is going through an exciting period of research and development, and innovative health offerings are constantly being released to satisfy demand. Enter: Hyper Health.

Health has recently been repositioned at the core of consumers' concerns. As such, there’s an emerging, multidimensional concept to consider, which looks at many different things: the health of the ingredients, health for the planet, and health for the people. When the focus is on being positive in all three of these areas, the result is Hyper Health.

What are the three pillars of Hyper Health?

Although the products being offered might change, the core pillars of hyper health never do with the focus always being on the ingredients and their impact on your performance. Alongside this is the impact that the product has on the environment.

To sum up, the three pillars are:

  • Hyper natural ingredients - Hyper health products always use only the finest premium natural ingredients. No compromises. Ideally these will be easily attainable to ensure the least amount of damage to the surrounding environment via shipping, etc.

  • Hyper performance - A hyper health product will always work to deliver hyper performance. It should be the best return on your investment that maximises your talents, productivity, and results.

  • Hyper sustainability - As long as it’s possible, hyper health ensures a sustainable future by only using materials that are recyclable, reusable or compostable. There is only one planet and we must take care of it.

As you begin your hyper health journey, we hope that you’ll see improvements in your day-to-day life almost immediately.

What is an example of a hyper health product?

A hyper health product is any product which conforms to the three pillars above. The emerging ideas of hyper health products are:

  • Supplements - The current supplements market is valued at $150 billion so it is ripe for some disruption from the hyper health crowd. There is no reason that pills need to be contained in plastic, while many are neither vegetarian or vegan. Hyper health is working to change all that.

  • Skin creams - Skin creams and moisturisers are a large part of many people’s daily routines, but as yet there aren’t too many products available that can claim to be part of the hyper health revolution, not only because of ingredients used but also the packaging and the customizations that biotech enables.

  • Nutritional bites - Health food stores have many nutrition bars on display and this is perhaps the current leader in hyper heath thanks to premium quality ingredients and recyclable or compostable packaging.

  • Energy drinks - Hyper health energy drinks aren’t too common currently, primarily due to the overuse of sugar in the ingredients and plastic in the packaging. Change is coming though so hopefully it won’t be long before you can quench your thirst with a hyper health drink!

How to know if hyper health products are for you

Hyper health isn’t an idea to be completed in isolation but in tandem with other ideas for a better world, both for ourselves and the planet as a whole. We all face challenges. The world in which we live is more and more demanding and uncertain.

We’re increasingly realising that as human beings we are part of nature and that our wellbeing and performance depend on our environment as we work to become our best. Breathing better quality air and enjoying healthier meals are two other ideas that can improve our wellbeing but hyper health is one area where we can really take ownership on a personal level.

As such, hyper health products are for everyone who wants to see an improvement - not only in their diet and productivity, but also in those who wish to change and improve the world. In theory, that should be everybody so there is no reason that you can’t get involved in the hyper health revolution! Working towards a better you and a more sustainable future has never been so fun and meaningful.

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