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How U-Ox Unleashes the Power of the Environment into your Office

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

There are a number of different air purification products on the market but only one features U-Ox, an incredible population of carefully selected safe bacteria from natural sources. Crucial to Pure Air Zones, what is actually in a bottle of U-Ox and why is it so powerful?

Where it all began

Rainforests are known for their amazing ability to clean the air around them. Trees and plants are responsible for allowing humanity to breathe by constantly releasing oxygen into the atmosphere and as such, every living thing has evolved over thousands of years to ensure that the environment works in perfect harmony; we provide carbon dioxide for them and they provide pure, breathable air for us.

U-Earth began in an attempt to harness the power of the trees and provide ‘a forest in your office’. Up to 90% of contaminants in the air do not respond to gravity or traditional ventilation - they are simply too small - so the company used molecular charge attraction to draw all particles towards the bioreactor. But what happens once the pollution and pathogens are caught? They need to be nullified. And there is no better way than by using the power of nature.

What’s inside a bottle of U-Ox?

If you open a bottle of U-Ox you will find a green, somewhat pungent liquid. After pouring the contents of the bottle into the bioreactor, the bacteria and enzymes within begin to show their amazing efficiency. Although the exact formula is a trade secret, the contents is certified non-pathogenic and non-genetically modified, ensuring that U-Ox is one of the greenest solutions to air pollution on the market and the perfect partner for creating Pure Air Zones.

A complete plug-and-play solution, the air purifier can be moved to any location where it’s needed most. Best of all, it comes in different sizes to tackle many different environments. When it comes to U-Ox, there is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. The current blend is more than enough for most environments but when the focus is on industrial areas, where air quality is noticeably poorer, bespoke blends will eventually be available for different needs.

How does U-Ox work?

Once contaminants have been attracted inside the air purifying bioreactor, the U-Ox showcases its amazing efficiency as natural bio-oxidation occurs. The contaminants and compounds are digested and transformed into water, carbon dioxide (as a result of cellular respiration) and if present, base elements. Here is an example of U-Ox in action:

H2S + O2 = H2O + CO2 + S

(Hydrogen Sulfide + Oxygen = Water + Carbon Dioxide + Sulfur)

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a gas commonly found in wastewater treatment and utility facilities

and sewers. It is poisonous, corrosive and flammable. In short, it is a huge danger to human health and you don’t want to be breathing it in. In the above example, hydrogen sulfide is captured by the bioreactor and interacts with the U-Ox. During bio-oxidation, the U-Ox neutralises the hydrogen sulfide, leaving only water and harmless base elements behind. A small amount of carbon dioxide is also emitted by the U-Ox but only at an infinitesimal level - less than the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by an average house plant. The water and base elements can then be poured away every few months.

The perfect eco-friendly solution

Best of all, once the U-Ox has been poured into a bioreactor, its smell disappears ensuring an odour-free solution to air purification. Because it is so efficient at digesting and neutralising contaminants, new water must be poured in every week while a new bottle of U-Ox must be added to the bioreactor every thirty days to ‘top up’ the cultures already present, enhancing their colonies. Essentially it’s like having a new pet at your company, but one which doesn’t require regular feeding because it looks after itself.

Aside from the few bits mentioned above, there is very little maintenance that is required in regards to U-Ox - it is an eco-friendly, innovative solution to polluted air and the key component in creating a Pure Air Zone. No wonder numerous companies and industries are joining the pure air revolution from sport to hospitality! Are you interested in joining the community? Click here to learn more about Pure Air Zones or why not sign up to our Pure Air newsletter?



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