Anti-Tamper Labels Coming to U-Earth Products

Updated: Mar 11

Anti-Tamper labels are coming to U-Earth products in March 2021 with some products already sporting the authentication technology. Learn more about the labels and what to expect below.

Success comes with a price

The exposure gained from going global opens opportunities but it also comes with risks. An example of the latter occurs when other firms attempt to copy a technology, design or concept, or sometimes all three at once. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but when it comes to innovation, it is a frustrating prospect and immensely difficult - but not impossible - to prevent. This is why U-Earth has begun to implement anti-tamper labels on its products, making sure that you will always know when you have a genuine U-Earth product in your hands!

Faking it - how to deal with forgery

When it comes to fake products, although the copy may look the same, perhaps almost identical, they are inherently ineffective at replicating the core concept.

An original creation should be protected and often is in the form of registrations, trademarks and patents. But some times this is not enough. This is why we have chosen to introduce a technology to protect both our products and our clients: an anti-tamper label with authenticity validation using artificial intelligence. Combined with a simple user experience, we are able to receive data that allows for fraud tracking and geolocation.

Anti-tamper labels ensure authenticity

Both the U-Masks and U-Ox (the core biotechnology for our AIRcel air purifying bioreactors) will feature tailored labels that allow the client to know if their product has been tampered with and also to validate the authenticity of their product. Quite simply, it puts the buyer in control.

Once clients receive their U-Mask or U-Ox, they will be able to scan the security certificate located on the anti-tamper label with their phone. This will allow the user to quickly authenticate and validate a purchase, providing peace of mind that they have bought a genuine U-Earth product. The page will also feature a few facts about the item that you have purchased, reminding you of how your purchase helps U-Earth create Pure Air Zones within healthcare.

There will be more to come soon, to better explain how the technology works.


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