Air Purification: Why a Community is Needed (and why we’re building it)

Air purification can be one of those things that people know is important but find all too easy to ignore. Because they can’t physically see the problem in front of them, they choose to turn a blind eye. In this post, we seek to explain why a community is therefore needed and the steps we are taking to ensure that it becomes a reality.

Building on the needs of the environment

Poor air is all around us. Although many might not live in areas where the problems are clear - next to a factory for instance - air quality is still poor all over the world with one in four deaths able to be linked to air pollution. Just because we cannot see the contaminants doesn’t mean they aren’t there, as was seen recently with a judge ruling that air pollution in London contributed to a young girl’s death.

The pandemic has hastened the conversation about air quality but not nearly enough, and it remains to be seen if the questions raised will be answered once the world returns to normal. Once Covid-19 leaves the news cycle, there is the all too real possibility that the public moves on from the discussion about clean, breathable air. This should not be the case, especially because awareness of air quality is so much lower than other forms of pollution.

Each single voice is important and there are numerous air quality advocates both online and offline, but as with any growing movement, it can be difficult to ensure that voices are heard. As such, a systemic approach is needed to have a real impact. Below is how we intend to do it!

Building a community is just the start

U-Earth is working to establish a Pure Air Zone community to make sure that not only will the environment be a cleaner, healthier place in which to live and breathe, but also to keep the conversation about pure air flowing. How are we building this resource? It’s most easily explained in three simple steps:

  • We provide companies with a solution for purifying the air around them, a tool that goes further than traditional offerings thanks to molecular charge attraction and U-Ox;

  • We give them the status of a Pure Air Zone, an area which they can promote to others as part of their green marketing or sustainability values;

  • Each Pure Air Zone will be given visibility via an app that allows customers to find pure air all over the world, acknowledging these businesses and promoting them to others.

In this way, the community can grow via increased awareness, enhancing demand among other companies that want to do better. Every action aids the conversation.

A better future awaits

The complete Pure Air Zone solution includes not just air purifying bioreactors but also U-Monitor, which measures air quality data and downloads the information every five minutes. Alongside this, these businesses can benefit from U-Alert, a technology that can discover whether a premises has recently been exposed to SARS-CoV-2. This revolutionary testing technology ensures that company owners will always be in control and customers and clients can relax when they find themselves in a Pure Air Zone. And as experiences grow, so does the community as their discovery is passed on to others via word of mouth, thereby increasing the number of people involved in the project.

The world won’t change tomorrow but from small acorns, great oak trees grow and it is clear that this is the start of a pure air revolution. In the future, it will be possible to simply check your phone to see where you can enjoy pure, breathable air amidst the smog of the city. Coming later this year, Pure Air leaders will be able to engage with and enjoy using the Pure Air Zone app and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

Are you interested in joining the Pure Air Zone community and benefiting from the solutions that U-Earth offers? Click here to learn more.


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