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Air Purification at the FIA Annual General Assembly 2021 - Pure Air Stories

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Each year, the FIA holds an Annual General Assembly and this year, U-Earth helped to make the occasion a Pure Air Zone by providing air purification throughout the week-long event.

Air purification provided by U-Earth at the FIA Annual General Assembly in Paris, December 2021

What is the FIA Annual General Assembly?

Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) is a non-profit organisation based in Paris, founded in 1904 to represent the interests of motoring organisations. It is perhaps best known for governing racing events including Formula 1, World Rally Championship, World Touring Car Cup, Formula E and the World Rallycross Championship.

The Annual General Assembly is not limited to the event itself either with the star-studded FIA prize giving occurring towards the end of the week, in which numerous Champions from across motorsport can pick up their respective trophies.

Providing a safe event at the FIA Annual General Assembly with commercial air purifiers

With the President of the governing body due to appear at the Annual General Assembly, and representatives from 245 member organisations also on the guest list, it was paramount that the event could go ahead, especially as it is where important budgets are agreed, and major FIA officials are elected.

Taking place across five days, from 13th December to 17th December in the French capital, and with Covid-cases rising across the world, it was important for the FIA to be able to offer as many safety guarantees as possible to attendees.

Enhanced eco-air purification and masks for every guest

With a number of different events planned throughout the week, the FIA were looking for a suitable solution to gather a large number of people in Paris. U-Earth was happy to come forward as a technical partner, distributing 45 biotech commercial air purifiers throughout the InterContinental Paris Le Grand, each one placed according to advice from U-Earth scientists.

As well as this, as covered in our post on 360° air management, we sought to ensure that FIA guests are as protected as possible no matter where they are in the capital. As such, we agreed to provide 800 exclusive, customised U-Masks for all attendees, consisting of a black cover embossed with the FIA logo. To ensure maximum safety going forward, each guest was also provided with an extra refill filter for when their first one reached 200 hours of use.

Air purification courtesy of a Pure Air Zone can benefit everyone

It isn’t just events where U-Earth’s plug-and-play eco-friendly air purification solution comes into its own; the biotechnology has also been extremely successful when installed in restaurants, offices, schools and factories, to name just a few.

If you would like to learn more about installing commercial air purifiers in your establishment, book an appointment with a U-Earth air quality specialist or sign up to the U-Earth newsletter.


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