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Air Purification and sustainability

How air purification can help the world

SDG: Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015 all the states member of United Nation made a list with 17 goals to reach before 2030 to promote our prosperity on our Planet. Elaborated according to the science guidelines, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are destinated to the biosphere, human society and economy protection. Every choice of our has an impact and this map helps us to track the direction we need to take in order to develop in a sustainable way. Each of the 17 fields is delineated by scientific data that describes the actual issues and the possible solution to adopt in order to see the goal realized in time. We all have the responsibility, from the companies to each and every individual that everyday choose who to support.

U-Earth commitment

U-Earth was born to create much more than a product, it was born to create a cycle. Its mission is to create a world without pollution and guarantee to every human being access to pure air. This is why it collaborates with companies, factories, healthcare structures, hotels and restaurants, as well as public spaces such as airports, parks and stations so that they can offer a healthy environment to their users. Working with a primary asset like air means being committed to human and environmental health. This is why U-Earth commits to 5 of the 17 sustainability goals.

SDG 3: Good health and well-being

The third objective is guaranteeing health to everybody at every age. Air quality is a crucial element for our health, especially if we consider the pollution rate we live with. To the United Nation taking care of human health also means “reducing the number of deaths and diseases from dangerous chemical substances and pollution”. Cleaning the air in indoor spaces, where air can be 5 times more polluted than outdoor, U-Earth allows people to breathe pure air every day. High polluted places such us fabrics zones are another big issue that put people’s health in danger.

Other than this, another crucial aspect for an aspect of human health according to the United Nation is “putting an end to pandemics of transmissible diseases”. Purifying the air from virus and bacteria means drastically reducing the diffusion of transmissible diseases such as, among the others, SARS-CoV-2. In places like clinics and hospitals, purifying the air means protecting medical personnel and fragile patients whom exposure to virus and bacteria can be very dangerous. Clean air in every public place is a form of prevention to avoid the problem at their origin, limiting cross-contamination and pollution linked diseases.

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

Promoting long-term economic growth, inclusive and sustainable, full and productive employment and a decent job for everybody. We target people who work in highly polluted areas such and fabric and hospitals but also city-centre offices. Many workers are in danger without knowing it, they are the 9 to 5ers that everyday work in the offices of big metropolitan centres where indoor pollution can be up to 5 times worse than the outdoor.

Providing them with pure air means helping their lungs to be strong and healthy allowing them to work in a healthy environment. Adopting a bioreactor means reducing the electricity and manutention costs allowing companies to grow in a sustainable way. When we think about environmental sustainability it is important not to forget economic sustainability. Economy, together with human and environmental health, is one of the three pillars for our prosperity. This is why U-Earth is being nominated from Solar Impulse Foundation as one of the 1000 solution4 to protect the environment supporting the economy.

SDG 9: Industry, innovation and infrastructures

To construct a resilient infrastructure and promoting innovation and fair, responsible and sustainable industrialization. Pollution rates and environmental damages brought us to associate production with unsustainability: producing equals polluting. Today we can change it, we can produce while we clean the environment. Every small U-Earth bioreactor disposes of up to 3,5Kg of pollution every day. Once the indoor environment is clean, the bioreactor starts to purify outdoor air. Purifying the air in this way means not only reducing the environmental impact but also cleaning up the planet right from a desk.

Investing in science innovation in one of the main activities to reach SDG9, especially if we consider science innovation aim to sustainability. At the origins of U-Earth, there is a scientific community of expert biologists that 30 years ago found a system to capture and digest pollutants and that since then they perfection and validate it. Promoting innovative ideas that can higher our life quality means supporting those companies who invest in research and makes science their foundations.

SDG 11: sustainable cities and communities

Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, long-lasting and sustainable. United Nations publishes every year a report on happiness studying the happiest countries in the world. Finland is always between the firsts thanks to their government politics specifically aimed to increase happiness levels. One of the government initiatives was to set up public saunas where people can enjoy free time with a healthy activity.

U-Earth vision comes from the same principle. Every area where a bioreactor active, it becomes a certified Pure Air Zone that you can track through an App. The idea is to create places where people can relax breathing mountain pure air listening to specific music and guided meditations. We want to give people a break, a place where to dedicate time to their selves, a possible meeting point and especially a healthy place for their lungs. A city that decides to build these areas for its citizen's wellbeing makes a good decision for the environment, cleaning it from pollution and becoming a case study for the entire world.

SDG 12: responsible consumption and production

In high-income countries, the average ecological footprint is 13 higher than low-income countries. The difference is that we can decide what and how to consume. We got used to the idea that we are too small to make a difference, but the reality is that our actions have huge consequences. By making conscious choices every day we can really make the difference.

U-Earth wants to give you more choice possibilities. If production activities managed to clean the environment, they would become sustainability heroes. The more companies decide to make an ecological turning point, the more choices consumers will have. Producers and consumers are both parts of a cycle and they are equally responsible for the consequences. We have the power to choose if to take responsibilities or merits.

SDG 13: climate action

Climate change is causing environmental disasters that menace human life on Planet Earth. Scientists already talk about a no return point and the necessity to act is now more urgent than ever. Greenhouse gas emissions are the direct cause of climate changes. Today every productive activity that doesn’t make sustainable choices have an irreversible effect on global climate. The same activities can make an ecological turning point with the only choice of adopting a bioreactor. They would manage to clean the environment while capturing and digesting the pollution they produce cancelling their ecological footprint.

Acting for climate means to create awareness and promote health initiatives. U-Earth cares about both of them. To work with air quality, it needs to focus on people’s consciousness first. Pure air is a primary need but not everybody is aware of it. Not many years ago cinemas, restaurants and many others close public space including hospitals allowed people to smoke. Not that would be unimaginable. Today the pandemic revealed once again that what we can’t see in the air plays a big role in our everyday life. Creating awareness is the origin point trough a cleaner world.


To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.


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