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Why Pure Air is a Source of Competitive Advantage - Free Brochure Available Now

Updated: Jul 3

Download Why Pure Air is a Source of Competitive Advantage today. Our new, completely free brochure outlines how important it is to offer pure air at your company by covering topics including pollutants and the dangers they cause, the importance of sustainability and the impact on productivity. We’re providing a preview of the brochure’s summary below but make sure to download your free copy of Why Pure Air is a Source of Competitive Advantage now.

Clean air is a competitive advantage

Ensure your business is competitive.

There are many things that can help a business flourish. Unique features, customer service and quality of product are some of the more traditional drivers of success but the world is not what it used to be and what worked in the past may not be enough to sustain a company into the future.

Using sustainability to stay ahead of the competition

Businesses are continuously looking for ways to sustain their competitive advantage, be that by introducing innovative ideas or investing in research and development. It doesn’t pay to be stagnant.

But not all competitive approaches can be seen on a balance sheet or in a customer survey.

Successful companies are using sustainability to grow in a meaningful way, embedding this line of thinking into their product, branding and business model. While 90% of executives think sustainability is important, only 60% have a sustainability strategy. Even so, as the pandemic has shown, high levels of corporate social responsibility do not ensure success, particularly if the systems employed are already outdated when they are implemented.

A vital but challenging balancing act in the modern world

Enhancing ESG and working on sustainability is a multi-stakeholder challenge that includes customers, employees and investors:

  • Customers are more inclined to select companies that offer sustainable products and services with little waste, while also being seen to address issues surrounding health.

  • Employees are more sensitive to sustainability than ever, while being seen to work for an ethical business can improve wellbeing.

  • Investors appear to be increasingly inclined to invest in and reward ventures that are sustainable.

Setting sustainable, achievable goals is certain to pay dividends sooner rather than later.

An exciting, time-sensitive opportunity

It’s clear that from a brand perspective, thinking about how to improve your environment pays off. But where to start? There is so much data available on air quality and pollution that it is understandable to feel uncertain, especially as most conversations about sustainability only tend to focus on renewable energy and carbon footprint over the medium and long term. In truth, the recent COP26 summit in Glasgow summed up the main focus - that taking immediate action on sustainability must happen now. In this context, air purification, which need not be a difficult undertaking, can play a key role.

Become a pioneer in the pure air revolution competitive advantage

With this in mind, it pays to think about your environment and how it can be improved. The solution that we propose is pure air, which offers a distinct competitive advantage. As shown by the pandemic, air quality is as vital as drinkable tap water. Now more than ever, investing in and offering pure air is seen as a key service for stakeholders - customers, employees and investors.

In order to quash greenwashing concerns, investing in air quality also needs to be meaningful by being data driven, demonstrable and visible, while also providing a brand uplift.

Just because a problem cannot be seen doesn’t mean it’s not a problem. Businesses need to invest in pure air, ensure that the problems of the pandemic stay in the past, and help to offer an environment that fosters creativity, hard work and ingenuity, to help you stay ahead of the competition.

A modern solution for the modern world. Here’s why you might like to think more about it as a pure air leader, aiding your company as it becomes a pioneer in its industry.

Clean air competitive advantage


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