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Who needs clean air?

Updated: 6 days ago

We all do.

“Around 91% of the world’s population

lives in places where air quality levels exceed WHO limits”.

Industries, fabrics and air pollution

There are specific job fields where protecting people from contaminants is essential to guarantee decent works. Think about those who work in polluted environments such as industries and factories, they are constantly exposed to toxic air which threatens their health. U-Earth biotechnology not only guarantees a safe indoor air quality but also enable to flip the production-pollution paradigm. Industries and fabrics will be able to depollute while producing by destroying their emissions before they disperse in the atmosphere.

Hospitals and cross-contamination

Then there are 'delicate places' such as hospitals, clinics, and retirement homes that should all have clean air to protect fragile people from cross-contamination and the healthcare staff.

U-Earth's air purification system captures and destroys airborne contaminants with no harmful waste and allows the monitoring of air quality in real-time.

Workplace pollution, body and brain

You might believe that pollution is solely a problem outside the window when in fact, indoor air quality can be 2 - 5 times worse. This means that most of the time, the air that we breathe is dirty and potentially dangerous for our body. It gets worse.

The consequences extend beyond the effects on the body, also affecting the brain and its cognitive function. Working in confined spaces creates so-called 'brain fog' and a lack of productivity.

Children breathing dirty air at school

This scenario can be found in all indoor spaces. Picture all the schools where children are developing their key skills and enhancing their brain's capabilities. Studies show that air pollution seriously affects their learning process and their growing body.

Schools are also the perfect places for bacteria and virus proliferation. Students should be kept as safe as possible from the contaminants that inevitably enter their body all day, every day.

Where can I find safe and pure air?

Nowadays we have access to all the information that we need to make the best choices. Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? You can eat well and drink clean water, or perhaps train your body and mind a little more, but what about breathing? You just cannot choose what to breathe.

At U-Earth we provide companies, hospitals, factories and public administrations with total air quality biotech solutions based on unparalleled technology to create a world where Air Quality is a standard as tap drinkable water and people can look for Pure Air Zones as they look for Wi-Fi today.


To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.

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