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U-Earth Sustainability Survey 2023: advice from 100 experts

Are you struggling to take meaningful climate action? Empower your sustainability journey today with the wisdom of 100 professionals. Discover what it takes to turn sustainable discussions into impactful actions by leveraging the advice of top leaders who have successfully made a difference.

Download the U-Earth Sustainability Survey 2023 Report

U-Earth Sustainability Survey

What will you find in this report?

  • Fresh Sustainability Adoption Statistics

The report provides up-to-date data on the activities, projects and skills of those who have already implemented sustainability projects, allowing you to get an overview and learn about some best practices.

  • Practical Advice to Avoid Common Mistakes

Learn valuable tips to overcome common obstacles on your sustainability journey and confidently take your first steps towards positive change.

The 5 key topics of the survey

  • Who Should Be Responsible for Sustainability in Your Company?

  • What Leadership Qualities Drive Successful Change?

  • How to identify the key hurdles and proactively tackle them head-on?

  • Discover the leaders' advice on the initial steps to take as a beginner.

  • Uncover inspiring dreams that can fuel your sustainability journey.

Download the report for free and start benefiting from the valuable insights gathered.

The report features contributions from renowned companies such as Treedom, IWG, Renault, Accenture, Assist Digital, and Schneider Electric. These leaders have shared their experiences and expertise to inspire you on your sustainability path.

"Don't try to do everything. Focus on one or two areas and get moving."

Alex Edds - Head of Sustainability Europe | La Salle

Why Do We Need a Sustainability Survey in 2023?

Too much talk, not enough action.

Every company talks about sustainability. Every newspaper writes about it. Every event has a sustainability section.

However, concrete projects are still limited, progress is slow, and the involvement is insufficient, all while we stand on the precipice of the collapse of our only planet.

We believe that insights from those who have already implemented substantial projects can aid beginners. That's why we collected and shared their invaluable experiences.

As highlighted in the survey results, everyone's contribution is vital in the fight against climate change. Regardless of your role in your company, your contribution matters.


Key Statistics to Help You


Money is only part of the problem.

Allocating a budget is crucial, as sustainability requires investments. However, challenges also stem from organizational, cultural, and methodological aspects that need to be addressed.


Climate action starts with strategy.

Half of the respondents indicated that CEOs or Heads of Sustainability should lead the charge, highlighting the strategic nature of sustainability.


Awareness empowers sustainability.

Essential factors for driving sustainability include knowledge, culture, widespread involvement, and effective communication.

Download the report for more insights and discover the proven strategies shared by industry experts.

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