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U-Earth at Davos: unity and connection to safeguard humankind

How can businesses and people thrive in such a crucial moment for the world?

Our voice is starting from clean air, which is the basis for people's health, business prosperity, and planet survival.

All of this is in a 10-minute video story, produced at Davos, as part of the World Economic Forum-related activities. Learn more!

Eat well, Drink well,...and Breathe well

We know that taking care of our nutrition is fundamental to our health and well-being.

We cure every aspect of what we eat and drink: hygiene, preservation methods, the cooking method we use, and even the caloric and nutritional aspect.

Can we say the same about the quality of the air we breathe?

Since we breathe an astonishing 11000 litres of air every day and the air we breathe affects every part of our bodies, taking care of this aspect of our “nutrition” is equally important for our body to function properly and to live every day as the best version of ourselves.

We are what we breathe

In the perspective of breathing better air to make our body and mind function better, it became clear that the key was to establish a connection between people, the air they breathe and their awareness of air quality.

So, when we built the Pure Air Zone solution, a new air quality standard for organisations that wish to give peace of mind to their employees, customers, and visitors, we put real-time air quality tracking at the heart of the solution.

This was the intent: making them not only feel, but also see and monitor how their efforts contribute to decontaminating their environment as well as the whole planet, building a community of innovators, or as we call them: Pure Air Heroes.

United for Mankind

How can we win the clean air challenge? How can we make this really happen? The connection between people is really key.

When asked to share our vision on if and how there can still be cooperation between people in such a fragmented world, our answer has always been clear, “of course”.

Our existence as a company is founded on the belief that you can’t fight pollution alone. And since it’s a problem that affects everyone, no one excluded, air can really be the key to reuniting people in such a divided world.

You can’t build walls to isolate yourself from the air, you can’t raise barriers to avoid “foreign” air, so the solution can really be starting to tear down those walls, for a better and more united future for mankind.

Have you been to Davos? If not, we’re taking you there

What better opportunity to engage in this vision a wide community of people and decision makers, than one of the most important events in the world?

We have been invited to the beautiful location of Davos in Switzerland, the host of the annual World Economic Forum meeting, where key decision-makers annually meet to find common solutions to address the most pressing global challenges.

Our CEO Betta Maggio had a chat with Rosanna Lockwood, a broadcast journalist, about how important it is to join forces to face giant challenges such as health, prosperity, and sustainability.

A new, nature-based, air quality standard that naturally destroys pollution is really vital for people and businesses to thrive. This is the vision we’d like to share with you. Why should you join us and support it?



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