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Pure Air Zone: the solution to the pharmacist paradox

The pharmacist paradox

Let's talk about the pharmacist paradox. We all know one, perhaps behind the house, that person who seems to have an answer for everything related to health and well-being. Sometimes we trust him more than the doctor.

Statistics bear this out. A survey conducted by the National Community Pharmacists Association found that more than 80% of Americans believe that pharmacists are highly competent and provide valuable health advice. In Italy, according to the latest Federfarma report, 80.1% of people have a trusting relationship with the same pharmacy.

It is therefore crucial that they stay healthy.

However, have you ever thought about the risks they run?

Surprisingly, despite the fact that they are the people most often consulted about health, pharmacists are also among the most exposed to a number of health risks.

It is what we call the pharmacist paradox.

The hidden truth about pharmacists

Being a pharmacist is not an easy job, like many other professions that involve interaction with the public. More than anywhere else, the risk of contagion from customers is high: after hospitals, pharmacies are places through which sick people pass.

The quality of the air in pharmacies is a major problem. The outdoor air is increasingly polluted, and the indoor air, where pollutants stagnate (not to mention substances that might be emitted by sanitising products or the materials and finishes of furnishings) is sometimes 5 to 10 times more polluted. In addition, standing for long periods of time, the need to be alert and focused at all times, and interacting with the public are just some of the stresses to which pharmacists are subjected.

These factors can cause health problems, such as headaches, irritation of the throat and respiratory tract, fatigue, and even posture problems. Closing the circle, and handling medicines that may have been touched by infected people are just some of the concerns that pharmacists have to deal with on a daily basis. Pharmacy safety is therefore a topical issue, far beyond the perimeter of the pandemic.

Pharmacy safety

A new standard of well-being in the pharmacy: Pure Air Zone

Faced with this paradox, Pure Air Zone - a new air quality standard based on biotechnology - can really help, both towards the 'internal customers' - the staff - and towards the 'external customers' - the patients. It marks a new era in pharmacy safety.

Quoting the words of Achille Bonandrini, owner of one of the first Pure Air Zone pharmacies in Milan, "The air quality is completely different. Pure Air Zone allowed us to feel safer. We have worked with greater peace of mind and we have passed this on to our customers, who in turn come to see us more willingly."

Indeed, from the point of view of a pharmacy owner, offering their employees clean air brings with it a number of benefits:

  • Protecting them from contagious risks attributable to patients and making them feel safe

  • Providing a calmer working environment that impacts staff motivation

  • Attracting top talent by offering them a new form of welfare

  • Ensuring continuity of business: healthy staff = shift coverage

The benefits are even greater if we open our eyes not only to the staff but also to the customers and therefore to the patients:

  • Offering an extra, totally distinctive service in addition to drugs and products: clean air

  • Providing a better shopping experience, therefore probably longer (--> increased receipt)

  • Meet the favour of a growing part of the demand, which prefers to buy in shops / from vendors committed to sustainability.

Plug and play clean air. Easier than taking vitamins

Pure Air Zone is a plug-and-play air purification service, easy to install and with low energy consumption. In addition, the service offers the ability to monitor air quality in real-time and show pharmacy customers that a clean air service is in place.

This last aspect, the sustainability, and visibility of virtuous pharmacy initiatives have long been a major issue, even beyond pharmacy safety. It is worth noting that some pharmacies adopt sustainable environmental practices. Few, however, have the means and resources to tell their public about it.

Therefore, we have integrated a range of marketing services into the Pure Air Zone suite, including a ready-made kit of materials and tools to tell everyone, medical staff, and patients, about the Pure Air Zone clean air service.

This can further consolidate the important role of the pharmacist. Data from FIP suggests that 76% of customers also turn to their pharmacist for advice on respiratory care and 50% of pharmacists do not feel ready. Pure Air Zone is an excellent dissemination tool to create a greater and more widespread culture on the importance of air quality.



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