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Blue Note Jazz Club, Milan - Pure Air Stories

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

The Lombardy region of Italy was hit particularly hard by the initial Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020 and it has taken a long time for the country to get back to its best with entertainment venues only recently reopening their doors. One of these venues, Blue Note jazz club, has taken the opportunity to install a Pure Air Zone to ensure the air quality remains high throughout the premises.

About Blue Note

Blue Note is a jazz club located in Milan, the capital of Lombardy. Since 2003 it has played host to artists from all over the world that specialise not only in jazz but blues, soul, Brazilian and latin, to name just a few.

It is not only a venue in which to enjoy live music but is also a restaurant, catering to hundreds of people before, during and after a concert, with table service as standard. One of the top nights out in Milan, customers love their experience at Blue Note and enticing people back into the venue after the numerous Covid-19 lockdowns was a top priority.

Stale air in venues

Air pollution indoors is 2-5x worse than outdoors. One quick solution to improving air quality is to open a window but this is easier said than done in an entertainment venue where windows would ruin the atmosphere and take away from the performance on stage.

Just because it’s difficult to solve, that shouldn’t mean that poor air quality should be ignored. Restaurants in London contribute 13% of the particle pollution emitted in the city, and the problem is likely to exist in other European cities as well. Thankfully Blue Note has taken it upon themselves to ensure that patrons are breathing in the best air quality possible.

Why Blue Note invested in Pure Air Zone

Aside from the obvious reasons, to improve air quality for everyone, Blue Note also invested in a Pure Air Zone because music lives or dies on the atmosphere. Daniele Genovese, Director of Blue Note said, “Blue Note lives off the atmosphere that you experience in its environment. So taking care of the atmosphere, of the air that you breathe inside the club, is very important. Especially because, after all, it is through the air that sound travels.”

“We installed the bioreactors in the main entrance, the ticket office, the concert hall, and also in the artists’ dressing rooms,” he continued, “By installing U-Earth air purifiers and by offering this new service, we contribute, together with other companies, to the common well being because we all breathe the same air, both inside and outside of the club.”

“To me, it is always very important to reach the highest quality because the audience is always very careful and curious about high quality services and products.”

How you can see the difference with a monitor

Installing a Pure Air Zone is an excellent way to improve air quality but being able to monitor it is just as important. Alongside the AIRcels which Blue Note installed, the venue also set up some air quality monitors to ensure that the air was always as good as possible.

“It is very interesting to have feedback from the monitors because these are places that we know very well,” said Daniele, “With monitors we understand even more about the air, discovering new things that we didn’t know before and which are fundamental and important. When the light is green, we are relaxed!”



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