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Why investing in Pure Air makes your company more competitive



Why read this paper?

Learn how to turn air purification into a source of competitive advantage 

  • The recent COP26 saw sustainability at the centre of companies’ strategies for the future.

  • VCs and investors are increasingly inclined to support environmentally friendly ideas.

  • Consumers ask brands to take a stand against pollution and act now.

  • Employees’ concern about safety in work environments has risen after the pandemic.

If you’re a modern company, you can no longer ignore these facts. But you can turn them into an opportunity. 

What you’ll learn

The reasons why you should change the world...Starting from the quality of the air that everybody breathes at your company.


How investing in pure air can give your business a competitive advantage in 2022;


The studies and experiences that have proven how important Pure Air is to business success;


The contaminants and air pollution to watch out for and how they can be harmful to your health;


How to enhance your company’s ESG strategies when taking a data-driven approach;


How to overcome the hurdles of air quality management - the tools you need and how to be recognised for your efforts.

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Who should read this?

Air quality management is a holistic challenge. Many functions and roles can benefit.


Be recognised as a pioneering brand in the clean air revolution.

Sustainability Managers

Leverage 'smart clean air' as a tool to reach and claim your ESG targets.

Chief Marketing Officers

Add Pure Air to your purpose, offering and branding.

HR and HSE

Learn how to safely bring your employees back to the workplace.


This paper is powered by U-Earth.

U-Earth is a biotech company whose mission is to make clean air a human right and to provide it for all by decontaminating the planet via bespoke, eco-friendly technologies and solutions, building a community of game changers and pioneers to help in the air quality revolution.

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