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Physio-On - Pure Air Stories

U-Earth is delighted to announce that Physio-On has become a Pure Air Zone. This is an exciting partnership between the two companies and we cannot wait for Physio-On customers across London to begin enjoying the benefits of breathing pure air.

U-Earth's AIRcel at Physio-On

The Challenge

Physio-On is a chain of therapists specialising in physiotherapy, osteopathy and nutrition, who take pride in helping their customers recover from injury, reducing their pains and making them feel healthier. Founder and company director Nuno Santos has more than 15 years of experience within physiotherapy, working across various backgrounds including working for elite football clubs. Aware of the problems of air quality within London, he was extremely interested in his facilities becoming a Pure Air Zone.

Pure Air Zone at Physio-On

Our Solution

Because of the nature of providing physiotherapy and osteopathy, the U-Earth solution was a simple one. Pure Air Zone’s AIRcel bioreactors can work within 150m2 of space and provide pure air for up to 10 people within that area. Appointments between a therapist and a customer are ordinarily only one-to-one - unless a parent also accompanies the visit - in which case the maximum number of people within a room would still be far below AIRcel’s limitations. As such, we provided an AIRcel to each of Physio-On’s locations across London to ensure that both therapist and customer were always able to enjoy breathing pure air. A monitor was also supplied at each location to ensure constant monitoring of the environment; any surprising fluctuations in air quality can then be dealt with by U-Earth using the data available in the cloud.


The benefits of a Pure Air Zone solution for Physio-On are clear:

  • Enhanced air quality for customers and therapists;

  • 24/7 monitoring of the environment;

  • An opportunity to market the eco-friendly Pure Air Zone solution to prospective customers;

  • A portable solution for moving to other areas of the building;

  • An unobtrusive and quiet air purifying solution.

Nuno appreciated his AIRcel

U-Earth takes pride in its ability to help SMEs with enhancing their air quality and looks forward to many more partnerships in the UK. We welcome Physio-On into the U-Community and are hugely proud of the fact that they are not just helping their employees and customers but helping to clean the planet of contaminants as well.

For more information on Pure Air Zone technology, please click here.

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