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A Visible Air Purification Solution to Reduce Customer Anxiety

If you asked restaurateurs what they are most worried about, the chances are that they will mention Covid-19 and customers continuing to be wary of returning to their establishment. A visible air purification solution can reduce customer anxiety and restore peace of mind, ensuring that your patrons feel relaxed in your restaurant.

Customers enjoying a Pure Air Zone at Boboli restaurant.

Increased awareness of air quality

Awareness of air quality is ‘worrying low’ according to UNICEF and there have recently been calls for the government to set legally binding targets to reduce the number of deaths from air pollution in the UK.

The pandemic has increased awareness of what we breathe but customers are still concerned when it comes to eating in restaurants. Reduce customer anxiety by proving that your establishment is doing all it can to mitigate the impact of Covid-19. It could make all the difference.

Reduce customer anxiety with a stand out air purification solution

U-Earth’s AIRcel bioreactor air purifiers are designed to look sleek and modern. They are designed to stand out and create conversation. Gone are ugly air filters. Luxurious, innovative biotech is the perfect replacement.

Studies indicate that uncertainty and anticipation increase anxiety. Guests want to be shown a visible solution to their problem, putting them at ease. AIRcels are plug-and-play so can be moved to where they’re needed most. A customer who is more concerned about air quality is sure to feel more comfortable if the air purifier is moved closer to them.

Reap the rewards long into the future

There is an awareness angle to the U-Earth solution as well. People love to learn and acquire knowledge. By hiding away solutions to problems that we face, it is all too easy to forget about air pollution.

With our AIRcel air purifiers, we can provide small cards for customers to learn about the Pure Air Zone solution, should they wish to learn more. In this way, they can teach others and build awareness of air quality, pointing out how your restaurant is going above and beyond in keeping people safe. Better air quality has been proven to improve decision making and should lead to less sick days for staff as well.

Advertise your Air Quality

Send a message to customers about your business by advertising as a Pure Air Zone. By showing off your Pure Air Restaurant and including its credentials in marketing - in newsletters or on social media - customers should be encouraged to relax and dine at your restaurant.

By including a message about U-Alert - that you can test for SARS-CoV-2 traces within the bioreactor - the safety of your premises is evident and customers will be able to see the result for themselves (should they wish to!) with U-Monitor, which provides air quality updates every five minutes.

Prepare for the future with a Pure Air Zone

We’ve spoken before on why next-gen air purification requires bio-monitoring. Reduce customer anxiety by upgrading your air purification today and you will be solving the problems of tomorrow. Interested to learn more? Learn more and get in touch with our air quality experts by clicking below.

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