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Modern Commercial Air Purifiers and 360° air quality management

When it comes to air purification, a lot of the most popular models on the market are out of step with modern technology. U-Earth provides eco-friendly commercial air purifiers that use biotech and ensure purified air no matter where you are in the world via its 360° air quality management system. Here’s how.

Commercial Air Purifiers and 360° air quality management in the modern world

Commercial Air Purification in the Modern World

Air purification has become a hot topic over the last couple of years, primarily thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic but also due to a relentless focus on climate change and health. Much more attention has been paid to what we put into our bodies in recent years, which has seen a marked increase in vegetarianism and veganism, and a fall in the sales of sugary drinks. But we shouldn’t just be looking at food and our diet.

The average person breathes roughly 20,000 times a day, which offers a huge amount of opportunity for someone to inhale something that their body would rather it hadn’t. With indoor air quality being 2-5x worse indoors than outdoors, it is understandable that offices are taking a look at their commercial air purification systems.

Commercial Air Purifiers shouldn’t just focus on the office

Commercial air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes with most offices having in-built air ventilation systems. But modern air purification systems shouldn’t just focus on the office. Think about how often we have to travel to meetings, both domestically and internationally. It pays to be protected from viruses, pollutants and other contaminants no matter where you are.

U-Earth’s Pure Air Zone solution provides 360° air quality management. It is a suite of products that isn’t just limited to the eco-friendly commercial air purifier in the office. U-Mask is a biotech face mask that has a BioLayer™ within its replaceable filter. Good for up to 200 hours of use, U-Mask ensures that you are as protected as possible no matter where you are. Not only that, but the product can be branded and customised for business use as well.

Air quality management throughout the day

It’s all very well setting up an innovative, groundbreaking form of commercial air purifier in an office but how do you know that air purification is actually taking place? Thankfully U-Earth’s AIRcel 70 system has been tested and validated with numerous case studies and is an award-winning piece of biotechnology.

To give users piece of mind though, with every Pure Air Zone installation, we provided an air quality monitor that shows the user the air quality in their environment at any given time. Measuring levels of VOCs, PM 2.5 and other contaminants, the air quality is assigned a number that any user can understand - the closer to 100, the better the air in your office!

Sustainability and ESG should be at the heart of your air purification solution

COP26 showed that climate change is very much on the agenda, and air quality is a huge part of that. As customers and clients begin to demand that companies are focused on sustainability and their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), it pays to have a solid air purification solution already in place.

The Pure Air Zone product suite of AIRcel 70 commercial air purifier, U-Mask, and air quality monitor provides the ultimate all-in-one solution. Completely plug-and-play, the air purifier can always be moved to where it’s needed most. Companies are also able to prove their pure air credentials with the air quality monitor uploading information to the cloud for easy access at a moment’s notice.

Measuring air quality will get easier soon

U-Earth is constantly looking to improve the product offering of Pure Air Zone. Alongside the current eco-friendly product suite, U-App is soon to be added to the list alongside the Pure Air Zone twin world, a virtual experience that showcases the efforts of all companies housed within the Pure Air Zone ecosystem.

It is only by working together that companies can help to combat air quality issues and climate change. Book a meeting to learn more about installing eco-friendly, biotech commercial air purifiers in your office today.

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