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Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna is the first Pure Air School - Pure Air Stories

Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna became the very first Pure Air School as they prepared to get ready for the return to school in the autumn.

Kinder Haus-Kinder College is a Pure Air School. Bringing the depollution power of an entire forest into class with U-Earth’s indoor air purifiers.

Improving air quality in schools

Early in 2021, Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna contacted U-Earth with the intention of becoming the very first Pure Air School, offering a benchmark for improving air quality in schools. After consulting the layout of the school, our R&D team studied how to best place the air purifiers so that every corner of the building was constantly purified, 24 hours per day.

Livio Marianti, Head of Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna was concerned about air quality at his school. “We chose U-Earth for two reasons,” he said, “The first one is practical, it gives us the opportunity to create a healthier environment for our students at a stressful time like this. Nonetheless, we also share the vision of the Pure Air Zone project, taking a concrete action for the decontamination of our planet and allowing our students to develop their potential and grow in a better and cleaner world.

More than a solution for air pollution in schools

While the indoor air purifiers keep the environment clean by attracting and neutralising air contaminants, air quality monitors show the level of air quality every 5 minutes allowing school staff to react with other simple but important gestures such as opening the windows or using more eco-friendly cleaning products at the beginning and end of the school day.

Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna is also equipped with U-Alert, specific kits to detect inactive traces of SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19. If the school discovers that an air purifier has captured the virus, staff can immediately contact families and take all necessary precautions to limit the spread.

As well as this, school staff have been provided with a U-Mask as an additional precautionary measure to prevent close contact causing a risk of contagion.

A Pure Air School is an education tool

A Pure Air School raising awareness of air pollution, educating students to take care of their community and their planet

When U-Earth arrived at Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna, it was surprising to see how aware and engaged students were about air quality. The community of more than 200 young students were well informed and cared about the environment. The pandemic had taught them that air quality is a matter for the community as a whole as we all breathe the same air.

Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna is now proud to say that they are able to capture and digest up to 80kg of air contaminants per day, contributing to enhancing the air quality of the surrounding area. In addition, teachers can and do use the Pure Air Zone as an education tool to teach children even more about air quality as well as the importance of taking care of their community and ultimately, the planet.

The reason for fighting air pollution in schools

Florence, music teacher, said that the “biggest concern about air pollution is that it is a silent killer”. This is true in that most usually don’t link health issues to air quality, even when they are strictly related, such as with cognitive abilities; a study showed that air pollution in schools has an impact on brain development, affecting neurological functions such as attention capacity.

Giorgio Lissoni, Key Account and Customer Manager at U-Earth, said, “Each new Pure Air Zone is a step forward in the planet’s decontamination because U-Earth biotechnology not only captures air contaminants but also neutralises them. The fact that Kinder Haus- Kinder College Bologna became a Pure Air Zone is even more exciting - to give children the possibility to grow in a healthier environment is at the core of why we exist.”

Improving air quality in schools for the longterm

Watch the video below to learn about how Kinder Haus-Kinder College Bologna got ready for the return to school by becoming the very first Pure Air School.

If you are interested in becoming a Pure Air School or offering pure air at your company, book a chat with an air quality specialist today.

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