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Rubertelli 1963 - Pure Air Stories

A Pure Air Zone can help a number of businesses both large and small. Whether they are customer or corporate facing, it makes no difference. Air quality affects us all. One customer facing business that is benefiting from a Pure Air Zone is Rubertelli 1963 in Milan, Italy, which has installed AIRcel air purifiers and sells customised U-Masks to raise money for charity.

A man stands in front of custom U-Masks and hair products at Rubertelli Hair salon in Milan.

About Rubertelli 1963

As the name suggests, Rubertelli was founded in 1963. Today, Simone Rubertelli has taken over from his father and enjoys the creative process that comes from working with people’s hair and makeup, seeing himself as a student of art across the business's two locations in Milan.

Salons are known for poor air quality

A hairdressing salon might not be an immediate thought when one considers poor air quality on the high street but the world of beauty is one that is synonymous with poor air; studies have been conducted on nail salons that reveal just how bad the air quality is, with hair and beauty salons also being found to have poor air due to the high number of VOCs from the numerous sprays that are used.

Rubertelli invested in a Pure Air Zone to make a difference

The problems with Covid-19 have brought air quality issues to the forefront of people’s minds and Simone couldn’t remain indifferent to its effects, investing in a Pure Air Zone to ensure the air quality is as good as possible within his salon. As he says:

“It is a pleasure to be able to tell customers that we have purified air. And people like it a lot. We spread awareness among our clients.” When visiting Rubertelli hair salons, clients can gain access to their online dashboard and check air quality data.

A lady has her hair done at a Pure Air Zone - Rubertelli hair salon

Raising money and awareness with U-Mask

Simone is not only thrilled to be part of the Pure Air Zone community by setting up AIRcel air purifiers in the salon, taking the lead on air quality, but also saw an opportunity to make a difference with U-Mask. As a huge fan of the brand, he felt it was only right to provide them for his team and realised that he could also offer personalised versions to the public, helping to raise money for a non-profit that helps children in need.

The importance of air quality

“In 2021, air quality is one of the main comforts for humans,” Simone Rubertelli says, “Being able to guarantee good air quality for my colleagues, for myself and especially for clients, I really think it’s a luxury.”

Are you an owner of a hair or beauty salon looking to make a difference to customers and offer a unique selling proposition to clients? More and more businesses are taking a stand against poor air quality and U-Earth provides an eco-friendly option to combat VOCs and other contaminants within the workplace.

You can find out more about becoming a Pure Air Zone by booking an appointment with one of our air quality specialists.

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