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The cleaner the air, the better the quality of life.

U-Earth is a European-based company dedicated to the development, production and marketing of exclusive biotechnology for decontamination and treatment of air, water and land in medical, industrial and commercial applications.


The system operates through freestanding air purification units, AIRcels, that capture and destroy contaminants (through a bio-oxidation mechanism) resulting in performance superior to that of any other system on the market, thanks to the periodic addition of U-Ox®, a proprietary formula based on biomass. 


Our mission is to make our planet a better place thanks to the widespread use of U-Earth technology by our customers.


We firmly believe that there is strength in numbers and for this reason we monitor in real time the control of the emissions generated by our users thanks to the creation of PURE AIR ZONES worldwide for the benefit of end users and the planet.


We believe that everyone has the right not only to drinkable water but also to breathable air, thus preserving everyone’s health and quality of life.