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Latest Scientific Publications

Graduate Research Projects And Refereed Publications completed at The New Jersey Institute of Technology


Biotechnology Laboratory under the supervision of Sam Sofer, New Jersey State Sponsored Research Professor of Biotechnology

A. Graduate Research Projects

NOTE: MS work examined by Sofer plus two external PhDs,
          PhD work examined by Sofer plus four external PhDs

  • Bead Design for Biodegradation of 2-Chlorophenol Using Microorganisms Entrapped in Alginate Gel Fayaz Lakhwala, M.S. Chem E (1988)

  • Use of a Recirculation Reactor to Study Biodegradation of 2-Chlorophenol Kai-Chung Yang, M.S. Chem E (1988)

  • Use of Recirculation Reactor to Study Biodegradation of Aroclor 1242, a Polychlorinated Biphenyl Babu Sanji, M.S. Env Science (1988)

  • Pentachlorophenol and Oxygen Consumption by Immobilized Bacterial Culture Steve Tsadwa, M.S. Env Science (1988)

  • Biodegradation of Styrene in a Recirculation Reactor Using Immobilized Activated Sludge Shreyans Shah, M. S. Chem. Eng. (1991)

  • BioOxidation of a Model VOC (ethanol) in Air Jeong Seop Shim MS Env Science (1993)

  • Studies on BioOxidative Destruction of Pollutants in a Batch Recirculation Bioreactor With Immobilized Microorganisms Jongtai Jung, Ph.D. Chem Eng (1994)

  • Aeration and Operation of an Immobilized Cell Oxidative Bioreactor James Joseph Woods, MS Env Sci (1995)

  • Quantitative Studies of an Immobilized Cell Oxidative Bioreactor Timothy L. Borkowski, MS Env Sci (1995)

  • Analysis of the Oxidation of Isotox® by Immobilized Bacteria Chad Sheng, MS Env Sci (1995)

  • Characterization of Activated Sludge Immobilized in Calcium Alginate Gel with respect to Biodegradation of 2-Chlorophenol and Benzene Manjari Singh, M.S. Env Science (1989)

  • Biodegradation of Benzene and a BTX Mixture Using Immobilized Activated Sludge Mayur P. Lodaya, Doctor of Engineering Science, Chem Eng (1989)

  • Biodegradation of Polymers and Isolation and Crude Characterization of Proteins from these Studies Sunil S. Godbole, M.S. Env Sci (1990)

  • Experiments on the Anaerobic and Aerobic Biodegradation of TCE Joan Liao MS Chemistry (1991)

  • Combined Gel-Entrapped and Membrane-Attached Microbial Process for Biodegrading Organic Compounds Fayaz Lakhwala PhD Chem E (1991)

  • Isolation and Characterization of Crude Extracellular Phenol Oxidase from a Recirculation Bioreactor Yun Tang, M.S. Env. Sci. (1991)

  • Experiments in Aerobic and Anaerobic Biodegradation of Methylene Chloride Vivek Sinkar, M.S. Env. Sci. (1991)

  • A Comparative Study of Cadmium Uptake by Cells of Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria Shubhange Bhende, M.S. Env Sci (1990)

  • Acid Recovery of Cadmium and Lead from Immobilized Activated Sludge Used to Biosorb Metals Chandrakanth Hartman, M.S. Env. Sci. (1991)

  • Bacterial Biosorption of Heavy Metals from Liquid Waste Streams Emilia Rus M. S. Env. Sci. (1992)

B. Publications in Refereed Journals

  • Design of a Toxic Waste Treatment Bioreactor: Viability Studies of Microorganisms Entrapped in Alginate Gel (with F. Lakhwala, M. Lodaya, K. Yang, and G. Lewandowski), presented at the International Conference on Physicochemical and Biological Detoxification of Hazardous Wastes, Atlantic City, May 1988. Published in Proceedings of the International Conference on Physicochemical and Biological Detoxification of Hazardous Wastes Y. C. Wu (Ed.) Technomic Publishing Company, Lancaster, PA (1989)

  • Biodegradation of 2-Chlorophenol Using Immobilized Activated Sludge (with Gordon A. Lewandowski, Mayur P. Lodaya, Fayaz S. Lakhwala, Kai Chung Yang, and Manjari Singh) Res J Water Polln Control Fed 62 p 73 Jan/Feb 1990

  • Comparison of Cadmium Biosorption by Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria from Activated Sludge (with Shubhange Bhende, Rémy Gourdon, and Emilia Rus) Biotechnology Letters vol 12, no 11, p 839 (Nov 1990)

  • Biodegradation of Benzene and a BTX Mixture using Immobilized Activated Sludge (with Gordon Lewandowski and others), Journal of Environmental Science and Health vol 26, p 121 (1991)

  • Design Considerations for an Immobilized Cell Bioreactor Operating in Batch Recirculation Mode (with Fayaz Lakhwala), Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology Vol.52, 499-509, December 1991.

  • Membrane-Bound Microorganisms for Removing Organics and Metals Industrial Enviromental Chemistry D. T. Sawyer and A. E. Martell, Eds., New York, Plenum Press (1992) pp 261-272

  • A Comparative Study of Gel Entrapped and Membrane Attached Microbial Reactors for Biodegrading Phenol (with Fayaz Lakhwala and Bruce Goldberg) Bioprocess Engineering vol 8, pp 9-18 (1992)

  • Biodegradation of Phenol: A Comparative Study with and without Applying Magnetic Fields (with Jongtai Jung, Babu Sanji and Sunil Godbole) Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, vol 56, pp 73-76 (1993)

  • A Comparative Study on Biodegradation of Selected Monomers: Effect of Molecular Structure (with Jongtai Jung and Fayaz Lakhwala) Jour Haz Wastes and Haz Materials vol 10(1) pp 3-11 (1993)

  • Bacterial Characterization of Calcium Alginate gel Immobilized Activated Sludges Biodegrading 2 Chlorophenol or Benzene (with Manjary Singh, Mayur Lodaya, Fayaz Lakhwala and Peter F. Strom), A28(6), Journal of Env. Science & Health p 13319 (1993)

  • A Spiral Bioreactor for the Removal and Recovery of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Wastes (with Fayaz Lakhwala and Emilia Rus) Bioprocess Engineering 13 (1995) 13-17

  • Biodegradation of Ethanol in a Gas Phase Spiral Bioreactor (with Jeong Seop Shim, Jongtai Jung, and Fayaz Lakhwala) Jour Chem Techn & Biotech 64, 49-54 (1995)

  • Mechanism of Cadmium Uptake by Activated Sludge (with Rémy Gourdon, Emilia Rus, and Shubange Bhende) Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology vol 34 p 274 (1990)

  • A Comparative Study of Cadmium Uptake by Free and Immobilized Cells from Activated Sludge (with Rémy Gourdon, Emilia Rus, and Shubange Bhende), Journal of Environmental Science and Health vol A25 p 1019 (1990)


Background science and related studies