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Make students and teachers breathe pure air and

improve productivity

Become a Pure Air Zone and enjoy the purest air right in the city center

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Pure Air Zone Schools

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I'm Amadahy

I can destroy up to 3.5Kg of VOC a day and I fit perfectly in class rooms and outdoor spaces

I am a biotech smart system which captures and eliminates all kinds of pollution, indoor & outdoor.

I can destroy the equivalent of 276 trees.

I only need water and U-Ox™, a natural biochemical composite, to function.

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A powerful purification process


Amadahi captures pollutants by electrical molecular charge, which is able to move ultra-fine particles in the air


It then digests & destroys all pollutants thanks to the U-Ox™ and water in the unit


Finally, it releases pure and fresh air into the surrounding environment

92% of air pollution emissions are too small to respond to gravity or ventilation. U-Earth's Air Purifiers capture all the contaminants without any limit of size or type by a natural "molecular charge attraction" principle.

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What People Say

"With Amadahy I can stay at home even when there are chemical treatments outside in fields and vines, while before I was forced to run away. Amadahy changed my life!"

Gianna, Milan

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity patient

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