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I'm Amadahy

I can destroy up to 3.5Kg of VOC a day and I fit perfectly in class rooms and outdoor spaces

I am a biotech smart system which captures and eliminates all kinds of pollution, indoor & outdoor.

I can destroy the equivalent of 276 trees.

I only need water and U-Ox™, a natural biochemical composite, to function.

A powerful purification process


Amadahi captures pollutants by electrical molecular charge, which is able to move ultra-fine particles in the air


It then digests & destroys all pollutants thanks to the U-Ox™ and water in the unit


Finally, it releases pure and fresh air into the surrounding environment

92% of air pollution emissions are too small to respond to gravity or ventilation. U-Earth's Air Purifiers capture all the contaminants without any limit of size or type by a natural "molecular charge attraction" principle.

What People Say

"With Amadahy I can stay at home even when there are chemical treatments outside in fields and vines, while before I was forced to run away. Amadahy changed my life!"

Gianna, Milan

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity patient

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To create a world free from air pollution through innovative, unique and pioneering technologies, and to embolden passionate communities so that every human being can have access to pure, breathable air and excellent health.


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