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There is no innovation without research.

U-Earth works very closely on the product which is designed to meet the needs of the customer in order to make a system that operates through complex biophysical phenomena, is remote controlled and provides extremely high performance in a handy, user-friendly device that is completely safe and attractive in accordance with the principles of sustainable design.

The units are certified and continuously tested for a variety of applications through the collaboration of universities and research institutes around the world.


Our systems are based on completely natural principles, and our additives do not contain genetically modified organisms or pathogens and are derived from naturally renewable, unlimited sources. 


Sustainability is at the centre of all our activities. In addition to applying the best practices for efficiency and energy saving and protecting the well-being of our employees and partners through improved air quality on our premises, we are very careful not to pollute the planet that we are trying so hard to clean, by using the minimum necessary wheeled transport of our systems. Our production process is in fact designed to be exportable to any country once it reaches a critical mass in the market, allowing on-site production with a beneficial impact on employment for the host country.

Moreover, contrary to the tendency of other technologies to programmed obsolescence, our AIRcel bio-reactors are air purifiers designed and built to last a lifetime and have no filters to change and discard.