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Welcome to a Pure Air Zone!

Keep safe, enjoy the event and breathe the future!


What is a Pure Air Zone?

A Pure Air Zone is a pure air area that boasts a clean air qualification based on U-Earth's biotech solutions and protocols . Whether an office or a small store, Pure Air Zones provide safety and peace of mind to anyone -  staff, customers and visitors.


Are you a guest?

Enjoy the moment and peace of mind with the guarantee of pure air.

  • Breathe healthy, clean air;

  • Enjoy a safe event and environment, free from contaminants;

  • Experience the Forest!
    Each bioreactor is equal to planting 276 oak trees.


Do you want to offer Pure Air in your place of work?

Use award-winning technology to keep your business up and running.

  • Monitor your air quality in real time;

  • Capture traces of SARS-CoV-2 and take immediate action;

  • Prevent  staff and customer contamination.

Are you a game changer?

Take a stand to combat climate change and depollute the planet.

  • Join the Pure Air Zone Community on Instagram - @u.earthbiotech;

  • Keep an eye on the upcoming launch of the U-App to be actively involved;

  • Become a Pure Air Zone and gain a competitive advantage.


Many sports teams have already become a Pure Air Zone


Why Pure Air Zones are Changing the world.

Every Pure Air Zone can be featured on mobile via the U-App.
Pure Air Zone organisations can benefit from increased visibility, while the public can search for pure air locations and businesses, rate them, earn points and unlock prizes that reward sustainable products and services. Each person that subscribes to the app is a vote for a pure air world.

The U-App is coming soon!

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We have you covered,
Even on the move.
Thanks to U-Mask.


Chosen by athletes and stars, available in 14 colours, some in 3 sizes. U-Mask is made with a soft, super light and adaptable fabric, and is very comfortable around the ears, adorning the complete shape of your face and featuring a nose clip to keep it in place.


Providing protection against aerosols with >99% bacterial filtration efficiency both ways (protecting you and protecting others), the power of U-Mask comes from the biotech of the refill filter, which ensures reusability for up to 200 hours.


Every U-Mask purchased helps to support U-Earth in its mission to protect our world from air pollution and the global distribution of Pure Air Zone hubs, empowering game-changing organisations and people all over the planet.


Learn more about Pure Air Zone 
and U-Mask and lead a worldwide movement. 

We're here to help.

Who is U-Earth?

U-Earth is committed to improving human health through innovative biotechnology that actively cleans the air we breathe leveraging the power of nature. In 2018, after ten years of field-testing and validation, U-Earth launched a pioneering a range of biotech products to ensure air quality control, enabling companies across all industries to provide the best possible air quality for their employees. 

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