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Profit from Pure Air

U-Earth provides you with a bio-secure environment that allows you to 

achieve and surpass your business goals.

How are you empowering your employees
as they return to the office?


Are you wanting to provide employees with a safe environment and have them confidently return to the office?


Are you wanting to boost morale and performance, offer a visible solution and provide staff with complete peace of mind?


Are you wanting to future-proof your office, setting the business up as innovative and set for long-term success?


Post-pandemic work life should be reimagined.

Good for your employees.

Great for your business.

Proven effective in capturing and neutralising
Covid-19 particles and contaminants.

A Pure Air Office is a pure air bubble - an area that uses U-Earth's suite of biotech products, including AIRCel bioreactors, to provide a revolutionary approach to air purification.


Harnessing the power of the natural world, a Pure Air Office uses electrostatic energy, water and U-Ox (a special biomass) to offer the greenest and most effective solution to ensure excellent Internal Air Quality.


The Pure Air Zone includes a real time monitoring system and simple test kit to detect the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for Covid-19) to allow you to take immediate action.

What is a Pure Air Office?

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See how a Pure Air Zone improved the office experience at Microsoft.

Enter the revolutionary era of air purification - a Pure Air Zone.


Make clean air a competitive advantage.

Mitigate air quality risks with the highest biotech standards

Healthy staff equals higher productivity.

Safer employees save you costs.

Business continues and profits increase.


Plug & Play, movable AIRCel bioreactors and
U-Earth’s bespoke solutions harness the power of biotechnology to offer the greenest, most effective performance that traditional ventilation does not meet.


Future-proof your office environment

Making sure that the right tools are in place for staff to remain healthy is vital for successful future performance. A real asset, better air quality leads to improved decision making and productivity.


Implementing a Pure Air Zone today ensures that you will innovate the concept and don’t need to worry about one tomorrow.

Gain visibility and brand recognition

Be featured and gain visibility in the upcoming Pure Air Zone app, which locates each and every Pure Air Zone around the world.


Display your air quality index and claim it as part of your ESG strategy.


Support your purpose marketing strategies and offer pure air as an office benefit when hiring or when hosting clients and visitors.


Boost morale, peace of mind and performance

Perform to a higher standard, for longer.

Teams excel with pure air excellence.

Colleagues and clients will benefit.


Many employees feed off the huge morale boost that only being together in an office can bring. The pandemic destroyed this but an incentivised team will be able to flourish in a safe environment once more.

“We have been immediately impressed by the Pure Air Zone project. We were looking for a solution to make the office and working conditions more comfortable and healthy. With the installation of U-Earth Bioreactors, the benefit has been immediate and tangible. Their ease of installation and use made everything quick and simple.”

Antonio Galiotto, CEO of Erretre Tannery Innovations S.p.A.


A comprehensive,
trusted solution

With over a decade of validations and testing, U-Earth provides an innovative pure air offering, trusted by numerous companies across industries from corporate and hospitality to healthcare, education and sports. 

A forest in
your office

Installing each AIRcel bioreactor is equivalent to planting 276 oak trees in your office at once. An eco-friendly and energy efficient solution, harness the power of nature for the greater good and start breathing the future today.

Don't just take our
word for it

Why not take a quick look at some of our awards?​


1. How does Pure Air Zone technology work?

An AIRcel works using electrostatic, water and U-Ox. Charged particles of any size or type are drawn towards the AIRcel using molecular charge attraction, and they are subsequently neutralised by the U-Ox within the bioreactor. The pure air is then returned to the room. It’s like planting a forest in an office.

2. What validations do you have?

Feel free to visit our website Validations page or set up a call to get more in-depth information.

3. How difficult is the setup and what maintenance is required?

AIRcel bioreactors are plug & play and use as much electricity as the average light bulb. They should be topped up once a week with water to ensure the U-Ox is working to maximum efficiency. U-Ox should be topped up once a month, while the AIRcel itself requires a clean only a few times a year. They are also totally customisable.

4. Which other industries are Pure Air Zones?

Many industries have benefited from becoming a Pure Air Zone including in healthcare. Other industries include retail, factories and motorsport - teams from Formula 1 and MotoGP.

5. Will I receive marketing materials and support to promote my status of being a Pure Air Zone?

Yes! We provide you with marketing collateral and visibility opportunities, both within the app and in the wider world.


Ensure peace of mind and breathe the future, today.

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