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The World's Top Sustainable Destinations for Your Next Stay

At U-Earth, we believe sustainability should underpin every facet of life, including travel. Are you an environmentally-minded explorer looking for your next destination? Choosing a sustainable city allows you to explore new horizons while reducing your environmental footprint. Join us on a captivating journey to some of the world's greenest urban havens ideal for medium or long-term stays.

Sustainable destinations

What Makes a City Sustainable?

At U-Earth, we evaluate sustainability using metrics like clean air (needless to explain why!!), renewable energy reliance, green space, waste management, and green transit. Indices like the Global Destination Sustainability Index also help benchmark cities creating brighter futures.

Europe's Sustainability Leadership

European cities have pioneered the sustainability movement, implementing comprehensive policies that address climate change, renewable energy, transportation, waste management, and quality of life. Milestones set by the European Commission, such as the goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, are catalyzing greener living across the continent and setting the ground for sustainable destinations.

Leading European cities like Reykjavik, Zurich and Helsinki have made great strides by embracing renewable energy sources, constructing green buildings, expanding public transit options, and preserving natural ecosystems within city limits. Ecological living is integrated into urban planning. The future looks bright, with cities like Copenhagen aiming to become the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025.

Canada's Green Vision

Canadian cities have also begun to integrate sustainability into urban planning and development goals. Vancouver, for instance, aims to derive 100% of its energy from renewable sources before 2050. The country as a whole is a global leader in hydroelectric power, which already provides 60% of Canada's electricity needs.

Nationwide initiatives like putting a price on carbon emissions, banning single-use plastics, and investing in public transit infrastructure highlight Canada's commitment. Cities across the country are working to reduce waste, promote green spaces, and support local food production through community gardens and urban farms.

Sustainable holidays

Australia's Climate Resilience

Let’s move south. Sustainability efforts in Australia have concentrated on expanding renewable energy, conserving water, managing waste responsibly, and building climate resilience. Organizations like the Infrastructure Sustainability Council provide frameworks for cities to reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide have made significant progress in adopting renewable energy, improving energy efficiency in buildings, increasing public transit access, and preserving green spaces. A growing focus is making urban environments resilient in the face of rising temperatures, droughts, and wildfires exacerbated by climate change. Not sure you wish to move to Australia? Scared of insects and snakes? Let’s jump to US!

America's Cities Lead Progress

Despite a lack of federal leadership, American cities and states have stepped up with their own sustainability agendas. Urban champions like San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland have pioneered local renewable energy targets, green building codes, plastic bag bans, and ambitious waste reduction goals.

Transit-oriented development, electric vehicle infrastructure expansion, and protecting green spaces have been priorities. Much emphasis has also been placed on building climate resilience, as cities across the U.S. face more extreme weather events. America also boasts some of the greenest university campuses globally.

Profiles of Thriving Sustainable Cities

The cities outlined here represent beacons of sustainability across Europe and North America. They were selected based on comprehensive environmental policies, renewable energy adoption, preservation of nature, and innovative sustainability practices that catalyze positive change.

While every corner of the world boasts emergent green urban centers, these cities exemplify the power of communities embracing ecological stewardship and renewable solutions. Their success stories should inspire and provide replicable models for cities everywhere seeking sustainable transformation.

So, if you’re planning to move or feel you should work in a healthier environment for a while, here’s our list of the top 5 most sustainable destinations:

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Dubbed the "Greenest City in the World”, Reykjavik plans carbon neutrality by 2040 while preserving awe-inspiring nature. Iceland's capital runs, in fact, on renewable geothermal and hydropower.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich slashes emissions by supporting public transit, waste innovation and protected ecosystems. The city aims to limit consumption to 2000 watts per person through its 2000-Watt Society initiative.

3. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver reimagines sustainability through renewable energy goals, green buildings, urban farms, and revitalized forests. Waste reduction milestones and accessible nature build community resilience.

4. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki will pursue carbon neutrality by 2035 for its city operations, improving air quality and mobility. Most residents commute via public transport, cycling or walking along the city's 480 kilometres of bike lanes.

5. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm leaders cut emissions by 35%, boost recycling to 99% and motivates companies to choose clean energy. These milestones demonstrate the city's sustainability commitment.

Travel Sustainably, Live Sustainably

At U-Earth, we believe sustainability must shape every aspect of our lives. When you opt for sustainable cities, you vote for breathable air and flourishing communities with your travel choices. But sustainability is not just about travel - it's a lifestyle.

By supporting public transit, minimizing waste, and embracing renewable solutions every day, we all contribute to the healthy, hopeful future that cities like Reykjavik, Zurich and Vancouver represent. Our choices form the foundation of the world we wish to inhabit.

By the way! We know first-hand how imperative clean air, renewable energy, and ecological stewardship are for community health and happiness. These sustainable meccas outlined here provide glimpses into the breathable future we strive for. And remember that U-Earth's Pure Air Zone App tracks air quality in cities across the globe. While you’re travelling, download the app and check the air quality around you!

Pure Air Zone App

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