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Climate tech that’s shaping the future

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

With sea and carbon dioxide levels rising and wildlife populations decreasing, it is more urgent than ever to find a solution. Take a look at these four climate tech companies doing just that to save our planet.

Climate change continues to be a pressing issue that has presented unsettling findings from The World Health Organisation (WHO) and other environmental bodies.

Clean air, safe drinking water, steady food supplies, and secure living areas will be inaccessible to many, according to reports published.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. As we speak, there are many talented inventors coming up with innovative solutions to tackle environmental issues, especially when it comes to combating air pollution.

What is climate tech?

If you aren’t sure about what climate tech actually means, it simply means technology that is being built for one main purpose: addressing climate change. The tech in question is designed to reduce emissions, fight the effects of climate change and help people adapt.

Climate tech, as a concept, is a specific field that belongs to the area of clean tech, a slightly older term with broader concepts that cover any sustainable solution, not directly linked to climate action and more widely designed to indicate solutions that have broad environmental purposes.

Some examples?

  • Recyclable packaging? Clean tech.

  • Carbon capture coating? Climate tech.

The lines between the two are easy to blur. But clean tech has a slightly different and stronger focus on fighting climate change through technology.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading technologies being made by climate tech companies around the world.

Air pollution solutions: air purifiers

It’s no secret that air pollution is having a bigger impact on our environment every year. Although these pollution problems looked to have eased for a few moments during the pandemic, it is now back to unsafe levels in almost every part of the world. So, what climate tech is being used to help?

One such company helping to lead the clean tech revolution is us: U-Earth (if we may say so ourselves!). Our scientists have come up with Pure Air Zone, an air purification system, to destroy harmful air particles, clean the air and make it better for both people and the environment.

However, unlike many other air purifiers on the market, Pure Air Zone leverages bio-oxidation and it is completely nature based.

Home energy consumption: smart ventilation control

Throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, air bricks are a common sight. They help control the airflow around your home, but they also let a large amount of heat escape, which often leads to you using the heating more.

Airex has created the first-ever “smart air brick” to help fight this problem. Their climate tech aims to enhance the thermal efficiency of your house, helping you to reduce your carbon emissions and cut down on energy costs.

Smart water tech: solar purification

Clean drinking water has been a problem for many years, and with water scarcity increasing in many countries, there needs to be a solution to this. Luckily, more and more companies are coming up with new innovative answers to solve this problem.

One company in the clean tech sector who are fighting for change is Solar Dew. This company harnesses the power of solar energy to purify and create drinkable water for many areas where water scarcity is common.

Air-tech: carbon dioxide remover

Carbon dioxide levels are at record highs in many areas of the world. This is an ongoing problem, and these levels are not showing any signs of decreasing any time soon.

However, Carbon Engineering is pioneering the way forward. A new climate tech company, they focus on providing products that suck in carbon dioxide, making the air safer for everyone. They are now working to deploy their direct air capture facilities all around the world to really try and soften the impact that carbon dioxide currently has on our lungs and the environment.

What the future of climate tech holds

Although the climate crisis is still a massive issue with no signs of slowing down, many new technologies are appearing that may have a hand in slowing it and making the world a better place for everyone.

These clean tech companies are all working together with a common goal: to make the world cleaner and better for everyone in it.

At U-Earth, we believe that there is no single climate technology that will solve the current crisis. Only by utilising a holistic approach can we come to a solution.

By working together, we can help solve the three most pressing challenges: avoiding emissions, helping to reduce the severity of the current climate problems, and adapting to new scenarios.

All of these are vital in preserving the planet and ourselves.

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