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Buongiorno. Oggi la qualità dell'aria che stai respirando è....

No, it’s not a mistake! It’s just that…from today the Pure Air Zone App speaks italian!

Pure Air Zone App Italian

In July 2022 we launched our Pure Air Zone App, and for a whole year one of the most asked questions have been: “what about an italian version?”

To celebrate its birthday we decided to give you a gift! The app is now available in Dante’s language too. And just in case you were wondering: Yes, also all the past, present and future news will be in italian too, as well as all the other app features and sections.

The App should change language automatically after being updated, according to your device’s default language, but you can choose the language manually this way:

Click on 'profile' from the bottom right corner, then click on the settings icon in the top right corner, and switch the language from English to Italian.

Pure Air Zone App ITA

So now you don’t have any excuse not to recommend the app to your friends or to use it yourself!

Happy birthday Pure Air Zone App



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