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Boboli Restaurant - Pure Air Stories

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Boboli is a popular Italian restaurant located in Kibworth, Leicestershire that is benefiting from becoming a Pure Air Zone after a difficult time for the hospitality industry.

Boboli restaurant is a Pure Air Zone

A difficult 18 months for the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry was one of the industries that was hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. With their businesses forced to close for months, restaurateurs were in dire straits, especially in the UK’s smaller villages where takeaway wasn’t a viable option to keep the business afloat.

When restrictions eased, it was still difficult for restaurants, cafes and pubs to convince people back and to also break even with social distancing requirements meaning that fewer people could be served, patrons could only stay for a set amount of time, and the threat of one positive Covid test forcing the doors to shut once again. In short, it has been very difficult for the hospitality industry to survive let alone thrive.

Boboli restaurant looked to a Pure Air Zone to help

Sarah Poli, the owner and operator of Boboli as well as sister restaurant The Lighthouse, also in Kibworth, said “I think the fear from the pandemic and the apprehension of dining out… You had to really coax people in. I think it’s terribly important that you try and create a safe environment for people.”

“We did lots of things to start with, with screens and [we] reduced our capacity but with the Pure Air Zone, it’s just a whole different ball game and I think it creates a really comfortable and safe environment, particularly actually for some of the older and more vulnerable people who dine with us.”

The advantages of a Pure Air Zone for the hospitality industry

One of the advantages of installing Pure Air Zone within Boboli is that staff can use U-Alert to keep testing for traces of SARS-CoV-2. “Certainly some of our more apprehensive staff members have been really comforted and reassured by the presence of the pure air purifiers,” says Sarah, who also talks of the importance of doing better for the future of the world.

Pure Air Zone installed at Boboli restaurant

A Pure Air Zone is for everyone

“We’re helping everyone, aren’t we?” She says, “We’re helping our staff, we’re helping our customers, helping myself, hopefully helping my business and also we’re helping the planet… I think environmental issues are very big now on people’s agenda and it’s good to see that we’re doing something to contribute towards that.”

To hear more from Sarah and see the Pure Air Zone installed in Boboli restaurant, watch the video below.

If you are interested in installing Pure Air Zone in your restaurant or business, why not check out the dedicated Pure Air Zone restaurants page and learn more about benefiting from pure air within the hospitality industry.



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