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Antismog Pharmacy: A pharmacist's dream.

Updated: May 11

A pharmacist’s work is often a source of worries and anxieties, from contagions to online competition. However, thanks to technology, or rather biotechnology, there are innovative solutions that can help overcome these difficulties and offer an even better service to customers. In this article, we look at a possible solution to the most common concerns of pharmacists and how these can be addressed.

Antismog Pharmacy

Are you a pharmacist? Let's try to guess your nightmares...

A pharmacist, exhausted after a long day's work in the pharmacy, falls asleep and begins to dream. Suddenly he finds himself in a dark room, surrounded by dark and disturbing figures.

Pharmacist: "Who are you?"

The first figure, under a beam of light: "I am The Stress. That thing you know isn't doing you any good and you're afraid you can't handle it."

The second figure, in the shadows: 'I am The Fear of Contagions. That doubt of not doing enough to protect your patients, yourself and your family".

The third figure, from behind: "I am The Economic Worry, the fear of competition, of not growing the business as you would like."

Just as the pharmacist is about to answer, the dark shadows dissolve and the pharmacist wakes up from his dream. Next to his bed, when he wakes up, he finds a poster: Farmacia AntiSmog.

Everyday stories

And how can you blame him, the poor pharmacist. Constantly exposed, in addition to the very poor quality of the outdoor air (remember Milan's negative record in April), to even worse indoor air quality, due to the dozens and dozens of patients who pass through the pharmacy every day, and the disinfectants that release particles into the air.

In recent days, among other things, an article has been circulating showing that the mental health of pharmacists has deteriorated significantly post-pandemic, with an increased risk of so-called "burnout."

On top of everything, we often forget that the pharmacist is an entrepreneur, and as such must balance costs and revenues and differentiate himself from the competition, given the density of pharmacies per neighbourhood.

The solution: become an AntiSmog Pharmacy

With this in mind, we came up with the AntiSmog Pharmacy. It is a new concept combining technology and communication. A special, targeted Pure Air Zone application that combines clean air and hyper-health products.

In an AntiSmog pharmacy, pollution is 'digested' thanks to a bioreactor, combined with an air quality sensor, which keeps the situation under control. A new-generation safe-on-the-skin UVC lamp does the rest, eliminating viruses and bacteria the moment they enter the premises, avoiding the famous cross-contamination. The pharmacy is awarded the status of AntiSmog Pharmacy in a dedicated app, as well as a communication kit to help promote its shop as an anti-smog reference point in the neighbourhood and city and as a pharmacy that has invested in sustainability.