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How B2B Air Purification is Different to Domestic Air Purification

When it comes to finding a B2B air purification solution, it can be difficult to know where to start. It is a completely different process to buying an air purifier for your bedroom, and instead needs to be approached with care. After all, you want to buy the best air purification for an office! But what is the best air purifier for your needs? We’ll take you through what you should be looking to achieve.

An empty office space with plants but no air purification

B2B air purification is not the same as domestic air purification

When it comes to keeping safe, you’ll probably want to buy the best air purifier. But when it comes to commercial air purification, there is an abundance of choice from carbon, ionic and HEPA through to U-Earth’s innovative biotech solution, which isn’t even available to B2C. There are a number of reasons for this.

The best air purification for an office is designed for the office

When purchasing or leasing a B2B air purification solution, it can be tempting to go with what you know. HEPA filters are perhaps the most well-known form of air purification but they weren’t designed for corporate offices.

It stands to reason that the best air purification for an office would be something designed specifically for the workplace, that offers a bespoke solution for your needs.

A bespoke air purification solution is better

U-Earth’s Pure Air Zone solution for the office is always a bespoke offering with our air quality specialists accessing your floor plans and calculating the perfect number of AIRcel air purifiers for your needs. Completely plug-and-play, move them to where they are needed most.

If one floor happens to have a few more employees than expected on any one day - and as we return to the office, safety should be paramount - simply move an AIRcel to where it’s most required. Simple.

B2B air purification isn’t just focused on looking after perhaps one or two people in a home, but is efficient at scale, catering to the needs of many. As such, the solution should be one that is all encompassing.

Because of the way that a Pure Air Zone works, using biotechnology and physics to theoretically attract all charged particles in the air, it is the best air purifier; many traditional forms of ventilation cannot deal with 90% of the contaminants in the air - they are just too small. Thankfully a Pure Air Zone can. Not bad!

B2B air purification at U-Home, the U-Earth office in Milan

A B2B air purification solution for B2B problems

Although many may treat the office like a second home, the truth is that a B2B space faces many different problems. You are hardly likely to find a house within an industrial waste facility, whereas an office would almost certainly be found on the premises.

Alongside contaminants in the air, strong smells are part of the working life for many. If you are wondering what is the best air purifier for your needs, and you are located in just such an environment, then a Pure Air Zone is the perfect solution. Able to counteract unpleasant odours in ways that other air purification technology cannot, it really is the best B2B air purification solution for an office.

Track your air purification progress

It is unlikely that people will monitor the quality of the air in their home. Although some B2C air purifiers will feature a basic digital monitoring system, the truth is that using sensors on an air purifier makes no sense - of course the air quality will be good when the sensor is embedded within it and only measuring the air close by.

With a Pure Air Zone, we provide sensors to monitor your air quality all over the room, with both a physical monitor and data uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis - every five minutes.

This sort of technology isn’t generally required in a personal environment but for business, it is an excellent way to show that you care about your employees and clients, while also an opportunity to highlight your ESG credentials.

There are many different ways in which B2B air purification is different to domestic air purification. If you are looking for the best air purification for an office, look no further than a Pure Air Zone.

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