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How does the system work?

The system consists of a cylindrical bioreactor containing water that recirculates on a biosupport and a fan that oxygenates the inside of the machine, creating a pure air zone with a given radius of action. 

How big is the pure air zone created by a bioreactor?

It depends on how many contaminants are in the surrounding area. An office with two people is different from a class of the same size with 30 children. - See more at: http://www.u-earth.eu/en/help/faq#sthash.sDYrDPpU.dpuf

How do I know how many bioreactors to install in my area?

The U-Earth AIR QUALITY SPECIALISTS will calculate it according to your environment’s characteristics. 

What should I do to install the system?

You just need an electricity socket. If you also want automatic water filling (optional), you need a connection to the water supply with a very small tube. 

How does it capture contaminants?

It attracts them through a natural electrostatic phenomenon, stronger than ventilation and gravity for particles of ultrafine mass. The effect is like that of the television screen which attracts dust although the principle is different. 

If I open the window often will the air become dirty?

Absolutely not, the system needs oxygen to digest contaminants and a bit of air from outside never hurts.

Where is the best position?

Our technicians will identify the most suitable place to locate the system, but it is generally advisable to put it in the busiest or most problematic area. - See more at: http://www.u-earth.eu/en/help/faq#sthash.sDYrDPpU.dpuf

What kind of electrical socket is needed?

A standard electrical socket. It uses an AC plug like that of most electrical appliances. 

How often should I add water?

Even every day, if you remember. Otherwise, just before the minimum level is reached. 

How much water does it use?

That depends on how quickly the water evaporates, based on the amount of contaminants to be digested. At first it might consume more, but then it stabilizes. A glass of tap water a day or more. 

What happens if I forget to add water?

If it gets below the minimum level, a sensor turns off the machine and a red light indicates the problem. - See more at: http://www.u-earth.eu/en/help/faq#sthash.sDYrDPpU.dpuf

What happens if I add too much water?

A safety sensor switches on and beeps. Turn off the machine and remove the excess water. 

How does the automatic refill work?

If enabled by our technicians, an electric valve automatically opens, filling the tank when the level falls below a certain threshold and closes when it reaches the optimum level. 

How often should biomass be added?

A unit dose packet every 30 days.

What happens if I add the biomass late?

The bioreactor gradually loses its efficiency and the water becomes saturated with undigested contaminants. 

Are the bacteria dangerous?

Absolutely not. They come from a natural unlimited source, are non-pathogenic (like yogurt but of other families) and not genetically modified. 

Do the bacteria grow in the bioreactor?

No, they stick to the biosupport and last for 30 days. Then they need reinforcements! 

How often should I clean inside the bioreactors?

Whenever too much sediment accumulates at the bottom, depending on the applications and the type of contaminant captured. On average, every 3 months. 

Do I also have to clean the inside of the biofilter?

No, just empty the tank and refill it with clean water and make sure that the holes in the WATER PLATE are clear. 

Is the water to be thrown away from the bioreactor dangerous?

No, under no circumstances. For corporate and medical applications the water can be thrown in the toilet; in the case of industrial use, the water must be analysed according to the application and possibly disposed of as non-hazardous waste. 

Should the filter be changed?

No, never.

What are the captured contaminants transformed into?

They are mineralized into water, carbon dioxide (like plants) and any chemical elements present in the compound. 

What is the brown dust that accumulates in the water?

The non-digestible parts in traces, like heavy metals, black carbon, glass powder, asbestos, etc. are removed from the air and immobilized in the water so that they are harmless as they are no longer breathable. 

What do I do if I have to leave for a few days?

You can turn the machine off for a few days and switch it back on again when you return. If you are going away for more than a week, empty the machine. On your return you can fill it up again, add a dose of biomass and restart. 

How long is the warranty?

Our machines are built with top-quality materials and are designed to last as long as possible. The structural parts, including the biofilter, are guaranteed for 5 years. Electrical parts such as the pump and fan are subject to wear like the tyres of a car, and can be replaced periodically. A proper cleaning routine makes the components last longer!! 

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