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U-earth the science behind clean air

We leave nothing unresolved


Today there is a new technology that allows the capture and destruction of all the contaminants in the air with no limitations on their type or size.

U-Earth technology for air purification combines the basic scientific principles of:
- convection
- molecular charge attraction
- natural oxidation

to capture and destroy contaminants in the air with no limitations on their type or size. We call this process BioHygienics.



is the process whereby a ventilation system is used to move large particulate matter, over 0.5 microns in size, which makes up approximately 10% of airborne contaminants in indoor environments. U-Earth systems also use fans to capture the larger particles, causing them to be trapped in the bioreactor. 


occurs when the air around the bioreactor, electrically charged and rendered neutral by "grounding", is used as a source to attract 90% of the particulate contaminants in the air that do not respond to ventilation.


These contaminants consist of ultrafine particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), and more.


We call this the principle of attraction Grounded Air Zone TM. It is not an ionic or electrostatic phenomenon and thus produces no harmful by-products. The contaminants captured by the Grounded Air Zone TM remain trapped in the bioreactor.




occurs when the air contaminants that enter the system are destroyed. U-Earth technology incorporates a patented bio-reactor which perfectly controls the combination of water, oxygen, enzymes, and contaminants to obtain an oxidative process 12 times more efficient than the process of natural oxidation.


The contaminants are digested and broken down into 




from the compound in the case of inert material. The result is cleaner air without the problem of waste disposal.